Picture Frenzy: April in Pictures

Looking back on these, it makes me laugh that coffee features twice, even though I can’t drink “the good stuff” at the moment! It also brings back the awesome memories of my Melbourne holiday. It’s potentially the last big holiday we’ll have this year; we’re in the middle of rejigging our budget to buy some big-ticket items so we’ll have to see how things go!


L to R, T to B:

  1. Purple nail polish – I’m a bit of a purple fiend and slowly working my way through all the tones that my salon has
  2. Decaf coffee at the airport while waiting to catch our plane to Melbourne – wishing it had a bit more of a kick
  3. Catching the black plane to Melbourne – I’ve always wanted to get the Air New Zealand plane in this livery
  4. Gorgeous red saucer at the Globe Cafe in Chapel St
  5. Postcards in the gift shop of the Hollywood Costume exhibit – amazing!


L to R, T to B:

  1. The cutest pickle on top of my slider at Cafe Optic
  2. Pretty water bottles at the airport
  3. Last picture of Melbourne before flying home – sigh
  4. Wandering around while my car was getting a warrant of fitness – rural rugby fields!
  5. A gorgeous grotto on one of my afternoon walk routes
  6. Papa M had a rough first day back at work!

Looking forward to all the possibilities that May could bring!

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