Sorry for the AWOL, I’ve been trying to get into a bit of a new groove with my workouts. I’m not trying to lose weight as such (I don’t need the stress), more tone and tighten. Which whenever I say that, reminds me of this particular movie moment:

Despite trying almost everything else, all I seem to be able to stick to is Yoga and walking, which are both handy at the moment for re-conditioning my hip muscles.I had an absolute charmer of a guy yell out something and toot his horn as he went past me on my walk today – I couldn’t actually hear what he said because I had my massive headphones on. I guess it’s a little blessing in disguise that my ears cramp up when I have the little earbud headphones in my ears, the larger headphones mean that I don’t have to listen to morons. I don’t get the catcalls/insults yelled from the car as you drive past, you don’t even stick around to see the results of your actions.

Idiots aside, I love the peace that I get from my walks. I get to get out in the fresh air, walk through nature and literally smell the roses. I get to feel my muscles strengthening in the right places and I get to listen to some of my favourite music. I love the million and one little places to explore near the place that I live and to be perfectly honest, I like the solitude. Just me, and the thud of my shoes on the footpath, the track or the road.

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