Picture Frenzy: May in Pictures

We were so lucky in New Zealand that May was filled with awesome weather; I think it’s made the shock of June temperatures a little harder to bear! Fine weather meant lots of adventures so a bunch of cute Instas!

May 2

L to R, Top to Bottom

  1. Book graffiti when marking (this couple no longer together)
  2. Lantern at our favourite Chinese smorgasbord – family time!
  3. Funny sign during my stroll in Ponsonby
  4. Nachos for Cinco de Mayo
  5. Beautiful sunset on my evening walk
  6. Gorgeous view of the  day from my bedroom window
  7. Grey-lilac nails – love them!


L to R, Top to Bottom

  1. Gorgeous centrepieces at the Classic Hits Pink Ribbon Breakfast
  2. I went for the chop with my hair for the first time in about two years – no long wedding hair
  3. Suicidal kitty on a ledge – I don’t think his home life is very good.
  4. My class finally won the class trophy!
  5. Beautiful view through the trees on an evening walk
  6. Leftover swans are my favourite type of swan
  7. Afro Pony – I see him on my walks and he always makes me smile
  8. Christening the chiminea!
  9. Fun fuchsia – brightness as the weather starts to change to grey.

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