Beautiful Moment…

This story starts where most beautiful moments fear to tread, a cemetery! Last weekend, on my way to pick up some cupcakes in West Auckland, I decided to stop in at the grave of a family friend. Keith was a former workmates of my dad’s but he was so much more than that. Keith was godfather to my sisters but really like more of an uncle to the three of us girls. I always thought he was tremendously cool, having conversations with me like I was an adult, driving a flash vintage car and always there for us on our special days – even if it was sending us a card from one of his exotic work locales. We were the substitute kids, the ones he never had of his own. I was devastated one year at summer camp to have my mum arrive and tell me that his heart had failed while in hospital to have a simple surgery.

The day was very grey and I drove through the cemetery (it’s very large) until I got to the area that he was buried. A little meander along the rows of graves and I found his grave. I stood there and wondered a lot of things. I believe that both he and my mother are in heaven – in fact, I had a beautiful vision when my mum passed of Keith and her friend Susan being the ones to welcome her in. I wondered whether he would be proud of the woman I had become, whether he would have liked my husband, how different the world would have been if he hadn’t passed away fourteen years ago. The tears began to fall and I thought the rain would too. Where they watching over me?

All of a sudden, I felt this weird warmth on my back. I opened my eyes and began to quietly laugh. The tiniest whole had appeared in the clouds and a scorching sun beam was lighting up me and the grave. It was exactly like those classical paintings of the hand of God. I couldn’t help my smile. Knowing the senses of humor of my mother and Keith, they had chosen the cheesiest, showiest way of letting me know they were still looking over me. I glanced around and saw one guy frowning at me being bathed in light when the rest of the cemetery remained gloomy. With that, the sun beam was gone, but the inner light it gave me still goes on.

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