I’m back and bigger than ever…

Well, not quite true.

I haven’t actually reached my “heaviest weight ever” yet, but I’m significantly bigger than I was before. I’m 31 weeks pregnant! It certainly hasn’t been the easiest pregnancy – no dramatic medical emergencies but boy, did I lose my usual sparkle in a big way!

For someone who is continually trying to “do it all”, it was a hell of a shock to the system to just simply not be able to do it all anymore. In the first trimester, while battling consistent nausea and fatigue (I liken it to being hungover – ALL the time), I managed to attend a work conference which involved driving for the entire day to get there, plus being switched on the entire time I was there. I did manage to tie in a trip to visit my sister in Palmerston North to tell her in person though, so that was pretty cool!

I never really got that burst of second trimester energy and in hindsight, that was probably due to my iron stores depleting MASSIVELY. From mid-range to completely bottoming out. This was picked up in the second trimester screening (which also led me to have to do a gestational diabetes diagnostic test – thank goodness it came back normal!) and I’m now on iron tablets which have made me feel abundantly better! Combined with this lack of second trimester energy was a work year that was insane – not only by tired preggo standards but by the staff as a whole – and I was working ridiculous hours to get my work done, knowing that I won’t be back next academic year to complete anything left over at the end of the last term.

So I finally wrapped up work a week and a half ago – finally allowing me to relax and enjoy my final trimester. Well kind of! We’re currently living in a townhouse and while that has been ideal for the two of us, the split-level living and the lack of yard space had us thinking that our time here was limited – it wouldn’t be ideal once baby was here and walking. Papa M came home from work one night with, as one might say “an offer we couldn’t refuse”. A former work colleague was moving in with her partner and was looking for reliable tenants for her house. At less than current market rent, a large section and single level living, we had to say yes. So in 3 weeks time, at 34 weeks pregnant, we’re moving! My nesting instincts are coinciding nicely with a massive declutter before we move, so it works in well. We’ve just got our fingers crossed that I don’t go into labour early like my lovely friend Nichola! By starting now, I can spend the morning decluttering/packing and all those boring sour things and have my afternoons for fun, blogging – and napping!

Definitely looking forward to getting back into regular writing – I have missed it SO much this year!

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