Christmas time – mistletoe and … oh.


Don’t get me wrong, I am SO glad to be pregnant this Christmas, especially after being disappointed at our lack of success this time last year – long cycles be damned. It was a bit hard this Christmas to avoid all the things that I love SO much about the season. Carving naughty slices of ham and eating them straight out of the fridge, devouring an entire bowl of my mum’s potato salad (and maybe having a breakfast potato salad too), smoked salmon croissants, making my own relatively toxic eggnog and chilling with the family enjoying a glass or three of bubbles… not this Christmas! As a foodie, it’s hard to not think of all the tasty morsels I am missing! I know that other women do choose to bend the “food rules” of pregnancy and I don’t judge them at all but I just couldn’t live with getting listeria and affecting my unborn child – especially when we are so close to the finish line. Just the mistletoe here as well, hold the wine!

Christmas on the whole was really nice this year! We had our growth scan on Monday and it turns out that I am just hiding our little one really well – already 4lbs at 31 weeks, although we know that’s not an exact science. After fears of IUGR, it was nice to put our minds at ease that we have a happy, healthy bebe in there – just one that hates ultrasounds and dopplers! On Christmas Eve, we missed Midnight Mass for the first time since Papa M and I got together. It definitely felt weird not to go, but I was way more comfortable lying on the couch then sitting upright in a church pew. We spent some family time together – PM, the bebe and I – and then went to bed.

I was up relatively early the next morning (when am I not, these days?) and made the traditional bacon sandwiches for breakfast. My parents were definitely onto something 25 years ago – while there is just the two of us, it’s not too hard to make ornate meals but bacon sandwiches are just the ticket when you have little ones raring to go open their presents! All fed, we opened the stockings that we’d organised for each other and exchanged our gifts before heading round to Dad’s for lunch. PM spoilt me rotten – getting me a beautiful pendant and some sneakers that I’d had my eye on.

More gifts and then it was smoked salmon croissant time (hold the salmon on mine) before lunch. This year we arranged for PM’s parents to come to lunch and it was such a relief to this big ole’ preggo to only have one place to go and only one big meal to eat. The day was SO much more relaxing than it usually is (with us racing round to try and do two Christmas meals) – poor PM had relaxed so much by the end of it that he was struggling to keep his eyes open! He’s been SO busy with work lately, he really did need a couple of days off.

Boxing Day was the usual extended family party; with a few extras. I got to meet my cousin’s fiancee for the first time and they seem to suit each other so well! My dad was a total dear and made me my own little version of the potato salad without the cold bacon in it, making it preggo-safe. I totally ate too much (although probably nowhere near the amount I would usually eat!) and gave myself a tummy ache. Bebe’s legs/bum/feet are right up in my stomach now! Things wrapped up a little bit earlier than they usually would, with having to get grandparents and tired pregnant ladies home – plus my cousin was going for a bungy jump the following day!

Who would have thought that two relaxing days would leave me more tired than ever? Yesterday I managed to get very little done at all; some decluttering of the kitchen cupboards, a load of washing and a midwife appointment. I’m having to treasure these days though – come February I won’t only have myself to worry about! I will enjoy my couch time with my Kindle while I can!

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  1. Glad you had a nice Christmas! It is quite limiting sticking to a pregnancy diet – you don’t realise how many non pregnancy safe things you enjoy until you are preggo for the first time! And yes, enjoy your couch and kindle time – it’s a special time to look after yourself đŸ™‚
    I am so happy for you and Papa M that your dream of having a baby is coming true xxx

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