2014 – My Word for the Year

I like to select a word for each year as opposed to stick to rigid resolutions – who has time to keep coming back to long lists of hopes and dreams. My word for 2013 was “growth”, inspired by a shrub in our yard that came back to life. I certainly saw growth in many areas of my life – I took on more responsibilities at work, travelled more and to locations that I’ve never been, had my relationship with Papa M grow even stronger and yes, even grew another person – well, that’s still a work in progress.

I felt very challenged when coming up with my word for this year – with baby due in the next 5 to 9 weeks it is a bit hard to know what life will look like for us. So much depends on the character of this new little person that we are bringing into our lives. Finally, the perfect word sprung to mind:


Simplicity. 2014 will be a year of taking it easy, focusing on the blessings of our life. Having the luxury to stay at home with our little one will mean more time to focus on a more back-to-basics lifestyle for us. What might this look like for us?

  • Growing our own food – we move in a week and a half and our new property has fruit trees and a vege garden already established. I hope to use these to our advantage and might even look into preserving as a way to make good use of the natural abundance that we’ll have.
  • Less reliance on convenience foods – the hectic nature of our jobs last year combined with my nausea/fatigue during pregnancy has meant much more reliance on convenience foods than we would both like. Not to mention – expensive!
  • Fitness – we don’t need fancy gym memberships to get into shape (although I may look at taking up my yoga class again). I plan to once again start hitting the pavement once our little one is here and I’m recovered. I feel rather unfit at the moment and I’m quite excited to start building my fitness again.
  • Being happy with where we are – it sounds sappy, but so often we look at others and compare ourselves unfavorably. I’m going to make a concerted effort to enjoy this season of our life and it started on NYE. Instead of feeling sad that we weren’t out partying it up or soaking up the sun on a beach holiday, we organized to go to one of our favourite restaurants and go to a movie. It was fabulous, so low in stress and I got to go to sleep before midnight!

I’m so excited to see what the year ahead brings – I’m hoping that, as well as amazing times with our little one, we can still have some of the amazing travel and fine dining experiences that we have loved in the past!

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2 thoughts on “2014 – My Word for the Year

  1. Its a wonderful word choice!
    I look forward to seeing how you get on with the garden. Hopefully you are starting to settle in to your new home xx

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