A new place to call home…

Last weekend (eight days ago) we moved into our new rental property. We’re hoping that this is our last move before we buy a place of our own and so it definitely seemed worth it when the offer came to rent. Anyone who knows anything about the Auckland rental market knows that finding decently-priced rentals is like finding hen’s teeth! The timing was not ideal; the soonest we could have moved, giving notice, would have been a week beforehand – right in the middle of the New Year break! So moving at 34 weeks pregnant was a necessity, in order to take advantage of the great deal.

We did as much as we could to be prepared: booked movers, cleaners and carpet cleaners. What we hadn’t counted on was a Friday midwife appointment that saw my blood pressure through the roof (much higher than any other time throughout my pregnancy) and an afternoon spent getting blood and urine tests to rule out pre-eclampsia. A trip to the chiropractor  to make sure things were in alignment and it was home for a midwife-prescribed nap. Poor Papa M had to pack up the last of the household items by himself on the Friday night. The happy bonus was a late evening text from the midwife confirming that the tests showed no signs of pre-eclampsia.

Moving day arrived and I headed off to our new place while PM waited for the movers and cleaners at our old place. It was a bit bizarre directing movers around our new place as we hadn’t really had the opportunity as a couple to really walk around the place properly and decide where various things were to go. Saturday night saw us trying to assemble a bed without me actually being able to contort myself into any sort of useful position! We were still excited about our new place and how quiet the neighborhood was compared to our old neighborhood.

Lo and behold, on Sunday morning rose the Pregosaurus!


If there is one thing that I have learnt about moving while pregnant, it is that you have the least ability to emotionally deal with any minor setbacks. There were a couple of things that cropped up that we hadn’t expected about the house and they got me so wound up! The kitchen cupboards were not working out the way I wanted – roar! I had no idea how to install the microwave bracket – Roar! The house only had a satellite dish, no aerial and was therefore not compatible with our digital TV box – ROAR! Add into that some major telecommunications company drama and being told that Bebe M had turned breech on Wednesday… I spent most of Thursday night in tears!

I think it’s fairly safe to say that I haven’t been the most pleasant person to be around this week! I give a lot of credit to PM, as well as our lovely helpers Aunty M and Uncle I, for putting up with this hormonal pregosaurus! A week on, most of the dramas are sorted and our house is starting to feel like a home… but if I try to move house this late in the piece of another pregnancy, someone please PLEASE remind me of this post!

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