Today is a rough day… I feel tired, my pelvis hurts and so does my back. The baby doing roundhouse kicks feels like it is stretching my abdominal muscles to their absolute limit. I have no appetite but know I have to eat, I drink so much but yet always feel thirsty. I hit 36 weeks of pregnancy tomorrow and knowing I may have four to six more weeks of this makes me sigh. The noise of my husband and my father using power tools is grating on my nerves.  In the middle of all this I count my blessings, knowing I have plenty to be grateful for.


I’m grateful…

  • for being able to get pregnant in the first place – at one time, this certainly didn’t seem like a given
  • that despite several false alarms (failing gestational diabetes screening, being sent for growth scans) that baby is healthy and growing well. It does seem to like to grow in spurts and plateaus, leading to the odd fundal height measurements that are having us sent for growth scans
  • the ability to rest – knowing friends who have worked right up until 38 weeks, I now have absolutely no idea how you managed! I finished off the last of the work projects I was taking on last week and I am DONE until we come out the other side of the newborn haze
  • that I can take Panadol – with so many other medications on the no list, it is nice when I am in a lot of pain to be able to have something that takes the edge off
  • that it is only in the last couple of days that I’ve started getting the really pregnant puffy feet look
  • for living in a country where basic prenatal care is free and readily available
  • for having the disposable income to make myself more comfortable in this pregnancy by utilizing a masseuse and a chiropractor
  • for wi-fi internet (even though it took almost a week longer than expected) so I can tuck myself away in the bedroom to type this with my puffy feet up
  • for our new, much cooler house – it is mainly one level (with basement garage and workshop) and does not heat up anywhere near the way our old place did. The views out most of the bedroom/lounge views are of the abundance of fruit trees in the yard, making it feel like we live in a treehouse
  • for our new yard – for the first time in two weeks I actually managed to take a stroll around our yard. While it needs A LOT of work, there are an abundance of fruit trees – our lemon tree is literally sagging with fruit at the moment!
  • for having family who are helping us make this new place a home, doing all sorts of bits and pieces to help us get the place up to scratch
  • for having a husband at all to support me in this journey – I admire women so much who for whatever reason end up having to do this alone. It must be hard!

There really is a lot in my life to be grateful for, even if stupid pregnancy hormones make it difficult to see the wood for the trees. And here’s to hoping that within the next four weeks we’ll have a healthy little one arrive with a reasonably trouble-free birth, giving us yet something else to be grateful for!

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