Loving It: 10.4.14

This beautiful illustration from Dear Colleen. You can pick it up as a rug here.

Woman with flowers and beetles

Like Smaggle, I often hold back from sharing my opinion on controversial topics but I completely agree with the points made in this article “So you had sex and now she’s pregnant. How is that her fault?“. In particular this quote – I’m astounded by the way some men lack ownership over their own jizz.

From the controversial to the beautiful, this piece by Dr. Jared Noel to his daughter Elise warmed my heart. I was lucky enough to have my mother for my entire childhood, before cancer stole her away. Losing her does make me think about what I would want CJ to know if he had to grow up without me in his life.

Another beautiful piece on love and loss.

NZMuse highlights how romance isn’t all big gestures. Romance for me at the moment is my husband taking the baby for a walk when I desperately need more sleep, washing my breast pump parts and middle-of-the-night nappy changes! I’m sure I’ll get back to my former love language of “Receiving Gifts” but right now his “Acts of Service” mean the world!

And little loves:

Feijoas – That my sister has moved back locally and that she can be more a part of CJ’s life – ham sandwiches (how I missed cold meats in pregnancy) – getting into more of a routine – watching my boys cuddle up – the fact that CJ LOVES his daddy – Chocolate Complan – the new Revlon Matte Balm in Elusive.

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