Currently… the April edition

I’ve seen a few of these posts around the web and I love the concept! What a great way to capture a moment in time…



having my sister back in Auckland, she is such a fabulous aunty and has been a great support to me even though the reasons for her move were not fabulous or fun.

Eating all the sweet things. I have never had a sweet tooth until this darling baby boy came along. Now I’m “give me all the chocolate and cookies and cake!”

Celebrating eight weeks of CJ being part of our family – it’s hard to remember what life was like without him

Feeling weary. As CJ has started sleeping through the night (well, eight or so hours), the sleep debt from the early days has started to demand interest – hoping that resolves itself soon

Attending Baby and You classes – so far not finding them as useful as our antenatal classes, but willing to give them a little more time

Longing for a tropical island holiday – I’ve spent several nap times googling package deals and cruises, but it’s just not practical with a baby this little! Next winter…

Scheduling visitors. It’s weird, we’ll go days without seeing everyone and then some weekends – like Easter – everyone wants to see us (and CJ) at once.

Missing spontaneity – gone are the days we could just decide to go out for dinner. Even a trip to the next town over requires a packed nappy bag and planning around naps. Very grateful that the M-laws are baby-sitting CJ this morning so we can run a couple of baby-free errands and have brunch, but even that has required typing up his schedule and pumping to make sure there is enough food for him in our absence

Wishing I felt confident enough to take CJ to the supermarket; I haven’t been game enough to try yet. Hopefully this will be a goal I can tick off in the next month!

Watching a lot of daytime TV – the most I’ve ever watched in my life. It leads me to strange conclusions, like how much I would like to shop Queen Latifah’s wardrobe

Writing again – one of those things that is making me feel like myself again

Loving that our family seems to be getting our groove back. Our routines are definitely different now that there are three of us but things are starting to get a bit of normalcy to them which is good.

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