CJ @ 2 Months


CJ is a whole two months old today! It’s hard to believe that in just over eight weeks, he’s developed such a character already! I know the time will go so fast, so here’s the highlights from the last month:

  • had his first surgery – albeit a teeny tiny one to correct his upper lip tie
  • had his first vaccinations; we’re very grateful that our doctors’ surgery is one of the ones that still does both legs at the same time
  • developed a bit more of a routine – he thinks it’s absolute garbage that babies are meant to have three naps a day and generally has one very short morning nap and one long afternoon nap
  • started “sleeping through the night” at seven weeks – unless he’s had crappy day sleeps the day before, he’ll tend to sleep for an eight hour stretch and then a three hour stretch. On a “bad day” we’re still getting a five-six hour stretch and then three hourly after that
  • has had two growth spurts – we’re very glad he’s a growing boy but it can definitely be hard on his poor parents
  • has worked out we can see him through the video monitor… was whimpering in his hammock one day and then very deliberately turned to the camera and yelled! What a clever boy! Often when he wakes up, he’ll just lie there staring at the camera for a while, only crying if we don’t notice he’s awake  within five or so minutes
  • likes to make a liar out of mummy – if I tell people he’s having a bad day, then the moment they arrive he is fine. Likewise if I say he’s been sleeping well, napping well, napping poorly… moral of the story, don’t say anything!
  • has finally worked out that the purpose of tummy time is to lift his head up. Before then he was shoving his face into his mat by trying to crawl with only his back end… very funny for us but very frustrating for him
  • is still attempting to roll; he just hasn’t quite worked out what he has to do with his arms. We’re quite okay with him not rolling yet because he definitely sleeps better when swaddled well
  • blows bubbles with his mouth but still has the hiccups almost every day
  • LOVES his play gym – in fact, loves any play gym. He’s not a very cuddly baby – likes his personal space, just like mum – and is quite happy to chill out under his play gym, batting at the toys
  • had his first proper “baby-sit” where Mama and Dada weren’t around when it was time to go down to sleep
  • cracks us up when he wakes up “on the wrong side of the hammock” – he’ll be crying with his eyes closed and it is like he almost forgets to open his eyes, because as soon as his eyes open he is fine
  • is fascinated by people eating – he surprised one of the coffee group mums by how interested he was in her eating a biscuit
  • is generally a pretty happy chappy – we get lots of smiles and coos from him

He’s definitely an active wee cookie – as the midwife said at our sign-off appointment, he’s never going to be one of those babies who is content to be stuck in his capsule in a corner. The lack of naps can make the days long but the long night sleeps are a wonderful trade-off! We love you, little guy!

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