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As discussed in my previous post on feeding, using shields has meant that latching can be more time-consuming and less discrete than one might hope. Combine this with a tummy that shows a few “war wounds” and is less than tight? Self-conciousness Central! I thought I’d be staring down the barrel of buying a whole new breast-feeding wardrobe, for something that may not even last as long as I had wanted. I couldn’t imagine Papa M being too rapt at me buying a whole bunch of clothes when I have perfectly serviceable ones in my wardrobe that I now fit back into – although of course he would be too nice to say anything.

What was a girl to do? I know that stretch marks are nothing to be ashamed of but I’m just not that body-confident. In perusing the Breastmates website (one of my go-to websites for maternity wear), I came across the clip-on-cami. It reputed to work with any drop-clip maternity bra – basically it is a tailored band of material with two hoops at the front of the “singlet” that hook onto the drop clips of your bra. The website showed it being worn by itself, but I thought it would be ideal under long-sleeved winter tops – it’s definitely coming to that chilly time of the year! I popped three of the clip-on-camis in my online shopping cart (praying that they would do the job I wanted, grateful that they are fairly cheap) and the order soon arrived.

They are PERFECT. I would highly recommend them to any new nursing mother and I wish that I had got mine sooner. They hide my tummy, leaving only the slightest sliver of skin when CJ is feeding. They’re also worn snuggly and I feel that my mummy tummy definitely looks better in them, smoother under clothes. I love that it’s quadrupled the wardrobe that I have while nursing and that it works well with both brands of nursing bra I own (Cake Lingerie and Loveable). When my nursing days with CJ are over, I’ll definitely be filing these away in case of a sibling.

Note: This is not a paid review. I purchased these items with my own money and wanted to share them with you just because they are awesome!

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