I’m not sure whether I believe in coincidences.

Let me rephrase that; I’m not sure that coincidences are as accidental as we generally prescribe them to be. I believe in a higher power, as many do – be it God, gods, Mother Earth, a benevolent universe or the Force – and such connectivity seems to happen within my life that I cannot believe it the result of random circumstances. It really is a wonderful thing!


I could have met Papa M a dozen times before I actually did. We even worked at the same supermarket when I was still in high school and I never met him. He remembers dozens of my friends that worked there at the time and not me! While I could wish that we had met earlier, to have more of our lifetimes together, the reality is… it wouldn’t have worked. I was in a bad place at the time and took the next five years to work through my “junk” before I could even contemplate being in a healthy relationship. We briefly spoke on a dating website before I pulled my profile as my mother was diagnosed with cancer. We eventually got together when I took photos of a friend of his at an event and he saw me on Facebook. He sent me a message and five years later we are married with a child!

Conversations in an online forum got fairly heated and I really agreed with one woman’s point-of-view. Rather than continue to “stir the pot”, I decided to message her privately to offer my support. Lo and behold, not only did I discover we had several mutual friends but also that she lived in my neighborhood. It was this woman who gave me advice when I wished to change midwives early on in my pregnancy, and her recommendation meant that I ended up with a wonderful midwife who ensured my birth journey was amazing.

And the “coincidence” that got me thinking about this all…

On Tuesday, I had a visit from my ex-boyfriend’s mother. I’m Facebook friends with him, his sister had added me and said that her mum would really like to catch up. I know that sounds bizarre, but he was my boyfriend in high school and I remained friendly with his family even after we broke up, last catching up with their goings-on properly when I bumped into his brother just before I got married. I was a little surprised she was so eager to come see me but thought that it might just be to see CJ after seeing his adorable pictures on Facebook. I’m sure that was part of it, but the main reason she came was to tell me how much reading my mother’s cancer blog had helped her… because she had been diagnosed with the exact same type of rare breast cancer (IBC). To give you an indication, around 2% of all breast cancers are this particular type. Through my relationship with her son over a decade ago, leading to her friendship with my mother and finding out about her blog, she knew what she was looking at, was able to seek treatment and has understood the options available to her. I can’t help thinking of my mother smiling down upon us – still ever the helper, the guider, the social worker – with a hand in it all.

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2 thoughts on “Uncanny…

  1. I just find this so beautiful and moving. What an amazing legacy for your mum to leave – making a difference in peoples’ lives when they least expect it. So special.
    I too do not believe in coincidence. I think everything is part of some kind of plan to allow us to grow and learn life lessons. We are brought to certain people for a reason. Life is so amazing when we notice these ‘coincidences’ and what they mean to us.
    Big hugs xoxo

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