CJ @ 3 Months


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While CJ hit the twelve-week mark last week, he is three months old today! It’s already very difficult to remember what life was like before he was here. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that life is easy, but we definitely understand each other better 🙂 So what’s been going on? CJ:

  • is about to have his second lot of vaccinations – I’m going solo on these ones as Papa M has to work and I’m a little bit nervous!
  • is a gentleman of routine – he prefers to go to sleep for his morning nap two hours after he wakes up in the morning (whenever he wakes up) and then go down for his afternoon nap between two or three hours after  he wakes up from that. He’s a lot more flexible in the evenings which is both good and bad for us
  • started truly sleeping through the night for the most part, going to bed between 9-10  and waking up between 6-7. He started waking up consistently at 4-5 am and we eventually realized it was because he was cold! Now the early-early morning wakes are pretty rare, thank goodness!
  • is growing like a beanpole but not gaining as much weight as we’d like; the Plunket nurse says he might just be a little behind on his growth spurt so we just have to wait and see
  • has decided that he’ll submit (for the most part) to going into his capsule without tears, especially when leaving home. He understands that we’re heading off on an adventure 🙂
  • visited the school that I used to work at – he did marvelously well when we were there (only one little scream) but boy, did I pay for the overstimulation when we got home
  • has recently become an absolute pro at tummy time after we changed up when we were doing it. He used to lick his playmat rather than lift his head when we did it after we got him up from his nap; now we do it when he has had his feeds and he’s much better at it
  • likes to roll with our help – still hasn’t worked out that he needs to move his arms to roll and we are A-OK with that
  • seems to be a relatively mobile sleeper – we’ve put him down on the spare bed at his grandparents and in his portacot and as long as the room is relatively dark, he has his swaddle and his white noise, he’s off to sleep – once he finishes looking around at his new surroundings!
  • LOVES supported sitting – it’s like a whole new world has opened up to him that he can now be a part of! We have an antique chair in the lounge that we fondly refer to as his throne, he loves to sit in it
  • has baths in the afternoon during the week – solo baths with mama don’t get him quite so clean (I find it really hard to wash his hair) but they are a whole lot of fun when you can splash and fart in the bath!
  • still wakes up “on the wrong side of the hammock” – crying with his eyes closed, like he forgets to open his eyes, because as soon as his eyes open he is fine
  • has been to two parties and copes relatively well; he only lost the plot at the most recent party because we took him into their nursery to have a feed and he thought that we were putting him to bed! Once he realized that wasn’t the case, the screaming stopped and he was okay
  • is so talkative with his baby burble; especially when he gets up from a nap after something interesting has happened (“Gosh mummy, wasn’t it cool of those people to come for a visit?”) or when Papa M gets home from work (“Gosh daddy, you’ll never guess what silly thing mummy did today!”)

We totally understand why people say that three months really is a golden age before the teething episodes and four month sleep regressions start so we’ll enjoy it while we can!

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