Loving It: 23.5.14

Here’s a few of the things I’ve been loving in the moment:

Some of the pictures in this article epitomize the “Cobbler’s children have no shoes” ethos: A look inside the refrigerators of New York City chefs.

Correlation doesn’t equal causation, people!

My antenatal class coffee group – as we spent time together yesterday it made me think how lucky we are to have found such a great group. We’re looking at taking a dance class next term, while the hubbies stay home and baby-sit!

With all this talk of Leaning In lately, it was refreshing to read this blog post on Leaning Back; self-care is so important!

Papa M and I making plans to start bulking up our nest egg and buy a place of our own (the silver lining to a rental increase) – next step: see a mortgage broker and find out what we need to do to get to where we want to be.

This is crazy cool in a really sick way – cartoon characters as serial killers! Some people are SO creative!

I love new languages so this piece on how to learn Korean in fifteen minutes is great (from here, via here):


By the time you read this, CJ will have had his 3-month vaccinations and this time I am doing them by myself – eeeek! Hoping the afternoon goes smoothly!

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3 thoughts on “Loving It: 23.5.14

    • He was so brave, I was so proud of him! You can tell this afternoon that his legs and tummy hurt but he’s trying to tough it out.

  1. Oooooh I love the graphic!!! Must bookmark this before we go on our trip – only a week to go. Shitting myself!
    Good luck with the needles – hope CJ sleeps well and isn’t too irritated by the after effects xxx

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