Currently… the May edition


Remember, 20c from every pack of TimTams purchased goes to support BCAC – the breast cancer charity my mum was a part of before passing away. Purchase your deliciousness by the 8th of June to help out!

Liking iced chocolates – I avoided them for quite some time after my diagnosis with lactose intolerance but breast-feeding has brought in an insatiable dairy craving so I just pop a lactase tablet and go to town.

Eating everything – I swear that my appetite is through the roof at the moment; damn breastfeeding. I’m going to end up the size of a house before I wean him onto formula.

Celebrating our friend E’s first birthday and newborn babies!

Feeling excited about our upcoming date night for our anniversary – Papa M and I are hoping to go to Orleans. Part of me would also love to catch a movie, but it’s a bit hard to tie that in while still breastfeeding without pumping in a public bathroom/the car. I need to think this through a little more and it will be easier going forward as we trial him with some formula bottles – I won’t need to pump for three nights to get one decent feed for the stash.

Trying to use the slow cooker more often – it’s not something that my parents did a lot growing up but it sure can make dinnertimes a little bit easier

Longing for a proper girls’ time (as opposed to coffee groups) – I hope that sometime in the next month I can fit this in, although I also need to make going to the dentist a priority. My last check up was just before our wedding almost TWO years ago

Debating when to introduce an occasional formula bottle. It’s getting harder and harder to build a stash – CJ doesn’t go to bed until late and then I’m up at least two hours after that if I want to express milk and I never get more than about 90mls, meaning it’s three nights’ pumping for one feed. It’s starting to get to the point where I loathe pumping and I’m sure that doesn’t help. I’m trying to stick it out breastfeeding, despite our issues, until he’s six months old but I really think that introducing some formula bottles during those times when I’m away is going to help my piece of mind.

Missing some of my friends who don’t seem to get in touch any more since we have had CJ. I’m trying to be at peace with the fact that friendships evolve and change and embrace the friends I have become closer to since becoming a mum, but it is still a bit hard.

Wishing that we had a bit more of a nest egg for a house deposit. I saw a place that would be perfect for a first home but the mortgage payments on what we could currently put down are just a little too high for us to feel comfortable. Ah well, patience is key.

Watching Grey’s Anatomy – I have watched this right from the very start and I’m glad the new (to us) season has started! While I don’t love the direction that some of the character arcs have gone in (why, Arizona, why?), even Papa M had to laugh last night at watching Derek and Meredith negotiate the “newborn phase”.

Writing a novel… having to finish it in nap times and night times isn’t conducive to speed, and god knows whether it will ever get published, but damn it feels good to be crossing this off the bucket list.

Loving the relationship that my husband and son have with each other. It’s the small things, like watching them have a cuddle in bed after the last feed of the night or the excited squeals coming from CJ as he watches his daddy get ready for work.

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