Loving It: 13.6.14 featuring The Honest Food Co.

In the wonderful small world that is New Zealand on Twitter, you sometimes come across some real gems. One such woman is Belinda, the fabulous entrepreneur behind The Honest Food Company. Given my lactose intolerance I have no idea how we didn’t cross paths earlier, I’m sure that my life would have been more enriched for it – I know my belly would! The Honest Food Company has a focus on healthy, clean food free from grains and dairy; great for those of you who are pursuing a Paleo diet or like myself, have sensitive tummies.


Right now, Belinda is trying to crowd-fund her entry into a commercial kitchen premises so that she can bring more of this yummy food to the masses. Never participated in crowd-funding before? Basically, small businesses offer “investors” – that’s you and me – rewards proportionate to our contributions in order to reach a particular investment goal. Rather than put their businesses in the hands of mighty banks, they’re putting their faith in their communities through the use of helpful organizations like PledgeMe. I really think it’s a lovely idea and with Belinda, it’s not just about the food. A new kitchen means that she can expand her operations and this means that she’ll need more staff. But not just any staff, no no. Belinda would like to provide single mothers with a pathway back into employment; something that is often difficult for them to achieve when other business owners and corporate entities aren’t willing to cut them a break.

Check out this fabulous video from Kat at Multitude with seven great reasons to pledge money to the cause and help this mother help other mothers:

Want to help Belinda create a beautiful kitchen where she can make delicious food and help our fellow mummies. She has 10 days left on her Pledge Me campaign and just shy of $25,000 to go. She provides a detailed breakdown of exactly where your cash will be going so you can be assured that your donation can be used wisely. There’s also a wide range of donation options with varying rewards – I wish that we’d been able to contribute more because some of those higher level rewards look pretty sweet! Eager to help?

Click here to go through to The Honest Food Kitchen PledgeMe page

Do it! I really want Belinda to open the kitchen so that I can go hang out there, eat all the goodies and try and convince her to make me the banana panikeke that I’ve been thinking about ever since she tweeted about it. Doesn’t she just look like the most fun lady?


Anywho, now that you’ve done that, here’s a few other quick things I’m loving right now:

Still iced chocolates, cannot get enough – CJ in his walker – cafe dates with my little dude – getting out for lunchtime walks – my polar fleece onesie (so unsexy) – our new rain cover for the stroller – persimmons – Banana Bean Nice Cream – cooking and baking again – exciting new opportunities (albeit in very early stages) – my new red hair – the fact that CJ gets shocked at intercom announcements while shopping, it’s like he thinks God is speaking or something!

Hope you have a great weekend, lovelies.

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Disclaimer: No financial compensation was received to promote The Honest Food Company, just one mama wanting to help another!




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