CJ @ Four Months

Four months; that’s just completely ridiculous. Didn’t I just have a baby? Yet the evidence is right before my eyes. Gone is the scrunchy, teeny weeny baby and here is a proper little lad.  The fourth trimester is well and truly over here!


At four months, CJ:

  • has had his first proper cold, which we all shared as a family – thus no posts last week
  • is starting to cut his first tooth; we’re hoping it’s a smooth transition that only takes a few days as opposed to the months it can be for that first wee tooth
  • squeals ALL THE TIME! Mostly with glee so can’t complain too much
  • loves to stand! Thank goodness for his activity walker (pictured above) and the Jolly Jumper as our arms can get very tired
  • saw his first train and was all “whoa!” – we might have a bit of a Thomas the Tank Engine lover in future
  • went to his first party with just mummy for SC’s first birthday
  • likes walking in the stroller way more now that we’ve transitioned to the stroller seat from the capsule – he likes to be able to see the world
  • thinks it is hilarious when we make his little fists punch us in the face and then make big reactions – it’s the first time we’ve heard really consistent baby giggles
  • loves music in any form, including the SEGA sounding tunes that his activity walker plays
  • has visited his daddy at work and had the office go gaga over him
  • is mixed-feeding, which felt like a little bit of a fail for me but he’s consistently gaining weight now and is such a happy wee dude that I’m definitely more at peace with it. The feeding journey is still a difficult one for us and so I’m proud I’m still persisting with some breast-feeding
  • goes to the mall with mummy and loves to people-watch
  • is very handsy – loves to grab things and has a new found love for his activity links
  • still naps twice a day, although the naps are getting shorter now
  • sleeps well overnight, occasionally stirring around 5am wanting his dummy but quite frequently sleeping right through
  • is so happy to see his daddy whenever they have been apart – really warms my heart!

It sure does make me laugh that despite not being the sort of parents who care whether he has a fondness for gender-stereotypical things, we’ve ended up with a boy who loves to look at trucks and trains, cracks huge grins when we make car or fart sounds and loves to play fight and watch sports already! That’s life for you!

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