Loving It: 17.7.14

Here’s what I’m loving this week:



  • The above from Daily Advice – it’s so valuable to remember that we are all on different pathways and that we need to recognize that our journey is an individual one and can’t be compared with others.
  • This interesting take on the traditionally Eurocentric Disney Princesses; it makes you consider how much you attribute a character’s persona to your perception of their culture.
  • How much CJ is fixated on rolling right now; he’s done it before but now he LOVES it.
  • Caramel – I’ve never been particularly partial to it in the past but I’m really digging it at the moment. Delicious!
  • This Parisian Flan from Made From Scratch that looks amazing! Bastille Day has come and gone but this is still on my list of desserts to try and create.
  • Doing the grocery shopping with my two boys – I used to love going grocery shopping with my darling and now I can do it with both of my darlings! The only time CJ got irritated was when I was taking too long choosing my treat in the chocolate aisle!
  • These pictures that provide an insightful social commentary and may just make you think twice on societal issues that people tend to gloss over.
  • The anticipation of seeing the sweet bundle of delight that is Corrine’s beautiful girl Charlotte this weekend – I am so excited!

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