CJ @ 5 Months

CJ is five months old! It wasn’t until I was visiting the beautiful Corrine of Frock ‘n’ Roll fame and seeing her beautiful wee baby Charlie that I realized just how much I have changed in these past few months. I could never have conceived in those first few days that, this far down the track, there would be very little that flustered me. So what’s happening in CJ’s world at the moment?


He’s about to start solids! Just over this past week, he’s started grabbing at our food. Cups of coffee and hot chocolate in particular, but anything that you put within his grasp. At a family get-together this past weekend, he kept grasping at his aunty R’s spoon for brownies and ice-cream. We got a teaspoon for him to play with and I was STUNNED to see him put it straight into his mouth. He then got pissed off that there was nothing on it so I may have given him the teeniest bit of his aunty’s ice-cream (like the tip of a spoon)… I know. Call the parenting police! Over the course of this next week we’ll start slowly phasing in a little bit of something more conventional – maybe apple puree? – in at dinner time.

I attempted to put him down with one arm out of his swaddle. At first it seemed like a novelty; he knocked the dummy out of his mouth and then waved the loose arm around, yelling at it like it was naughty. I went and replaced the dummy but had barely got back to the lounge when his flailing arm took it out again. I went back a third time and this time put a little teddy beside him to keep his loose hand occupied. No dice. I could see through the baby monitor him sobbing at his “naughty” hand. I went back in and he looked at me like his world was ending. My heart broke and I zipped his arm back into the swaddle as he gave an audible sigh. It’s alright buddy, it’s okay that you aren’t ready.

One thing he is ready for is rolling! He’s rolled on occasion for a while now, but something just clicked about a fortnight ago and BAM rolling all the time now! Mainly back to front (which is funny considering he used to hate tummy time) but sometimes he manages a full back-front-back roll. Poor blighter though, he’s seen the other kids crawling at our mixed-age coffee group so often stays on his tummy with his arms and legs frantically windmilling trying to gain traction.

Scaring the bleep out of us with his first fever. After his last feed of the day we noticed that his breathing was a bit laboured and that he felt a bit hot (not excessively so, about a degree more than normal) so we rang Healthline, a free 24 hour phone service with trained nurses. She told us that we were right to be concerned and to take him to either the emergency room or the nearest 24 hour doctor. Knowing the wait times in our nearest ER, and the distance being comparable, we drove to the 24 hour doctor. Did I mention that by this time it was 11pm? I was absolutely sick with worry, praying the whole way there he would be OK. By the time we arrived CJ was beside himself and his fever was absolutely raging. The doctor checked him over for any danger signs (ear infection, throat infection, chest infection/pneumonia, meningitis) and thankfully concluded that it was just a virus. They gave him a higher dose of paracetamol and gave us a darkened room to wait in while they did observations on them. It was such a relief to see our little man start to return to his usual self before our eyes. With his temperature decreasing, we were sent on our way at around 1am but both Papa M and I were very bleary-eyed the next morning. It was a 12 hour thing – by the time that we took him to our usual doctor for a follow up appointment he was completely back to normal.

Still loving his little car walker – he can now control more of the “noise makers” by himself and is feeling pretty darn chuffed when he manages to make it do cool sounds! It’s also very handy when Mummy is doing chores – he can be wheeled to wherever mummy is and play there!

Down to two breast feeds – breakfast and dinner time, and up to two full bottle feeds now as lunch is completely formula fed. No dramas from this wee chap; food is food as far as he is concerned which makes me feel so much better. Would I have loved to exclusively breast-feed? Yes! But this works well for us too and allows us a bit more flexibility during the day as he is such a poor breast-feeder.

He’s teething with a vengeance, little pink cheeks and all. I’ll be shocked if we don’t have a tooth to tell you about in our next monthly update. For the most part he’s handling it well, but we have some rough days too. We love Naturo-Pharm TeethMed Spray though!

Day naps can be touch-and-go; some days great, other days not so much. We try to instigate quiet time even on the days where we have a sleep fighter because I think it’s a good habit for him to get into as he gets older. Gone are the days of three hour afternoon naps, alas!

Night time sleeps are usually pretty awesome although we’ve had a bit of a bad run in this past week with the fever, a couple of particularly chilly nights and teething. The chilly nights should cease to be an issue, however, as our landlord has finally got around to installing underfloor insulation, keeping us much warmer!

The Hungry Little Caterpillar is still our bedtime read, although he’s also become quite a fan of Hairy Maclary – particularly the part where Scarface Claw makes his appearance. If you’re not a kiwi, this may mean nothing to you – but the video below should help!

It’s amazing to think that the next time I write one of these updates, CJ will have been in our lives for half a year. It really is an amazing experience to watch a child grow before your very eyes!

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