Creating Magic: Elephants


Sitting in our rocking chair one night before bed, I happened to glance across the room at three little elephants sitting on top of my son’s dresser. Looking at those three little elephants brought me back to the day I bought them, when CJ was a mere collection of cells in my womb. We’d been away in Rotorua for our wedding anniversary and had obviously done all the required actions at the required time (haha bow-chicka-wow-wow) but it hadn’t worked for us in the past and I wasn’t holding high expectations that it would work this time either. I really wanted to get a spa treatment but Papa M was starting to get a cold and wasn’t feeling it. We went our separate ways; he for a walk along the shores of Lake Rotorua, me to the Polynesian Spa.

After months of studiously avoiding hot pools in the hopes that I was pregnant, I gave into the temptation of soaking in the lakefront hot pools prior to my treatment. Looking out at the beautiful view, I thought about the travel plans we had discussed since having children didn’t seem to be happening. I relaxed and enjoyed the moment, something that I had been struggling to do at that time. Time ticked on and it was soon time for my Exfoli-Aix treatment; a simply divine scrub and massage under jets of water that mimic rain. Thoroughly relaxed, I dressed and headed on out, planning to meet up with Papa M.

Meandering through the gift shop, this little trio of elephants caught my eye. Not terribly expensive but tremendously cute, I finally allowed myself to think – what if? What if we had created life on this magical weekend away? What if we were that lucky? I whipped them up to the counter, thinking that at worst, I could gift them to one of my seemingly more fertile friends. As we know now, what if became what was, we were that lucky, and I have a beautiful physical embodiment in the three elephants of the moment that I first believed that CJ would enter our lives.

Casting my eye around CJ’s room, it’s amazing how often the Elephant motif shows up. As we wanted a gender-neutral room design, we went with an animal theme but consistently those little pops of Elephant come through. The elephant trio that usually resides on the dresser, CJ’s travel buddy (the toy that always rides with him in the car and stroller), the material in his quilt made by Greer’s lovely mother – all elephants there. Even the fabric on the rocking chair cushions (a second choice and very rushed decision) is elephants. As elephants are renowned as symbols of strength and loyalty, I can’t think of better symbols with which to surround my little dude, especially when he chose one of them himself. I can’t wait to take him to meet real elephants at the zoo this summer! Are there any motifs that stand out in your life?

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  1. That is just so beautiful. I love that you believed and it happened 🙂 I’m so happy for you that it did! Over here it’s giraffes. Lots of giraffes. Giraffe wall stickers. A giraffe security blankie he cannot sleep without. We spot them everywhere. Giraffes will always be special to us now! I never thought about them until I got pregnant but then I suddenly became obsessed. The rest is history x

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