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I was recently nominated by the lovely Kez from Awesomely Unprepared to participate in a blog-hop on why I write. She had some incredibly sweet things to see about this blog but I think that she is the sweet one! Although we’re yet to meet (something we hope to rectify in February next year when I travel to Perth for a wedding), she’s been an absolute life-saver on more than one occasion, being just down the other end of a Twitter DM when I was having a parental freakout. One of the wonderful things about blogging – which I’ve been doing in various guises for the last seven years – is that friendships can span cities, countries and even oceans!


What am I working on?

I try to publish articles on a variety of different things, baring in mind that not everyone that reads this blog is in the same stage of life as I am and also trying to keep some sense of self in this CRAZY world that we call motherhood. I am loving the “Out & About” series that I am doing at the moment – it can be hard to make those first moves out of the house when you are a new mum and knowing what to expect when you get to a destination can be a huge help!

In addition to this, I’m also working on writing my first novel! It’s romantic fiction with a distinctly Pasifika flavor. I’d love to be published some day.

How does my writing differ from those in my genre?

I guess the most obvious difference is that it is MY voice. I write from my heart and my perspective as a New Zealander, a South Aucklander, a Christian, a motherless mother, a wife, a friend and an introvert. I’m not afraid to admit that who I am as a person hasn’t changed with the advent of motherhood and I’m not interested in presenting an image that isn’t real. I feel that sometimes lifestyle bloggers (especially mummy bloggers) feel the need to perpetuate the ideal that we can do it all and I freely admit that I can’t – and that CJ watches Friends in the evening otherwise dinner would never be cooked.

Why do I write?

I write because I need to. I have always loved to write, from epic childhood stories to tragic teenage poetry, debating speeches to adjusting copy for a tax website (true story)! Being a writer is just an inherent part of my nature and as much as I have tried to be a photographer and an avid scrapbooker, the reality comes down to the fact that I like to preserve my history through the written word. I take after my mum that way.

How does my process work?

Process? Ha. No, seriously though, with the exception of product reviews and the Out and About series, I tend to write from the heart. I’ll settle down with the laptop during afternoon naps (always the longer one of the two) or after CJ is in bed and let the words flow onto the page. I like to have a few posts set to post in advance, just in case the days get crazy or the dreaded writers’ block sets in. Some pieces require a lot more leg work prior to posting and I will tend to make notes on my phone as I am out and about, which I then pull up once ready.

I’d love to be one of these people with DSLR skills but the reality is that most pictures on here are taken on the fly with an iPhone. Just like motherhood, we all have to play to our strengths and my strength is taking guerrilla photos of parents rooms, perfectly timing it so that the room is empty.

Once I’ve written a piece, I preview the post and edit for spelling and punctuation (usually not heavily – I am a grammar nazi) and tone before scheduling it to post on Monday or Thursday, two posts per week being the pace I can keep up with at this time in my life.

Who do I want you to meet?

I have total envy of the following three women, all mothers and fellow kiwis. I’m sure that they have their trials and tribulations, just like anyone else, but they always seem so well put-together, with absolutely gorge kids to boot.

Emma from Beau Monde Mama

Mother to a little girl who is just TOO cute, this mama powerhouse has also started up her own online boutique filled with fabulous clothes for little ones. The pictures she curates on her blog are fantastic and make me yearn for a house that is so beautifully filled with color and light – and about 34 extra hours in the day to keep things that beautiful.

Megan from Thread

I would love to have Megan’s hair! Never mind the fact that CJ would be yanking on it the minute I let my lovely locks fly (buns-r-us around here at the moment); dreams don’t have to be practical. She can whip together an op-shop outfit and make it look positively glam. I also have huge respect for the fact that she separates her blog/work life and the privacy of her children. It’s a debate that I constantly have myself – at what point do I need to reign in my storytelling in order to give CJ more privacy? I don’t have an answer for that one.

Melissa from The Best Nest

She has a well-known obsession for Crown Lynn china but what amazes me about this mummy is her eye for putting together a room. She seems to have a knack for knowing exactly how to blend old and new together. She calls herself the champion of mediocre mummy bloggers but I think she’s pretty awesome – her youngest has been dealing with a fairly gnarly medical condition and she handles it all with amazing grace.

So that’s it! I’m not nominating anyone in particular, but if you want to participate let me know in the comments so I can check out your blog!

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