Loving It 11.8.14

I may be sleep-deprived but this video cracks me up! A husband animates a joke told by his drunk wife:

“Two Chips” / An Animated Short from Adam Patch on Vimeo.

God/The Universe/Karma giving me a break – after a much-delayed dentist check up I found out that I’m going to need a fair amount of work done on my teeth. We all know that dental work means $$ and so it was pretty gosh-darn depressing. I continued to run the rest of my errands and decided I would do without the coffee in order to “save money” – latte factor and all that. I dropped some clothes off to be altered (cheaper than buying new) and they gave me a voucher for a free coffee! Thank you God! I enjoyed every bit of that sweet, sweet caffeine.

Quit pointing your avocado at me! – a great reminder that people aren’t usually doing things AT you. They’re just going about their everyday lives and you can choose your perspective.

CJ’s new carseat arrived at the end of last week – man, is that luxurious! We hired a capsule for the first few months of his life but have become increasingly frustrated with it over the last few weeks. The new seat is like upgrading from a Nissan Sunny to a Rolls Royce – lucky boy!

I appreciateĀ that I have a hubby who is keen to be an equal parent on the “graveyard shift” – even if that means that we are both equally sleep-deprived and equally grumpy! I’m a bit envious of his ability to just fall back asleep once he’s settled CJ though. I’m up for a good quarter of an hour before I can drop back off.

I loved this review of the Pakuranga Night Market by Move Love Eat. A night market is definitely on our list of things to do, but it’s a bit too chilly at night to have CJ outdoors (especially when the little dude has a cold) and we’re so booked up with events for the next few weekends that I think we’ve used up all our free baby-sitting cred! Soon, my pretties.

I’m excited about the week of plans that we have ahead, visiting lovely friends and seeing neat and exciting things. Follow us on Instagram to see some of our adventures!

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