CJ @ 6 months


This little dude has been in our lives for six months – how blessed are we? He is such a wee little character and he really does make our days brighter. We spent his birthday out at Mitre 10 Mega and the supermarket (he loves looking at everything) and playing peekaboo with the blanket at home! We celebrated by having only fruit instead of fruit and veges for lunch!

  • He’s sitting! He’s still fairly unstable – the moment he sees anything more interesting he leans to get it and over he goes. He always looks so surprised that he’s balancing upright too, cracks me up.
  • He eats ANYTHING. I accidentally mixed in a chicken and sweetcorn puree ice cube with two of his apple and kumara cubes and he hoovered the lot down. He’s not so much a fan of pear or guava but we can only really measure that by the fact he doesn’t eat them quite as quickly. There’s never any leftovers!
  • He wipes his own nose after he sneezes! Unfortunately I think he takes after me in terms of allergies – on a day where I sneeze a lot, he seems to sneeze a lot too. The upside is that after seeing me wipe my nose after sneezing, he does it too. Pop a little cloth in his hand and he’ll wipe his own nose! I hope he keeps it up as a toddler!
  • He’s waking up much happier – instead of waking up in the morning to his wailing, we hear him burbling away in the cot to his teddy. It really is too cute for words.
  • He moved into his “big boy” carseat and it’s been well-used already. In the first week he went over the Auckland Harbour Bridge for the first time and to the Sylvia Park Shopping Mall as well as around our local area. He doesn’t settle as well in it (for naps) as he did in the capsule but I think that is because he can see so much more.
  • We went to our first Wriggle and Rhyme session and he totally lost his s#!* at how exciting everything was. There was music and bubbles, scarves and dancing and little CJ, squawking along, cracking everyone up…
  • He had his five month vaccinations and started complaining as soon as he saw the needles, like he knew what was coming. Heaven help us when he has his fifteen month shots and can crawl/toddle/run away!
  • He had his first “proper” cold. Until now it’s just been persistent snuffles and that random high temperature virus. This was a proper little cold with coughs and sneezes and appallingly sleepless nights for all concerned. I have to admit that I was worried that it was the four month sleep regression arriving a little late but we seem to escaped that for the most part. I don’t know how some mummies do it!
  • We went for a bit of a nature walk at Papa M’s parents – walking out into the paddock and having a look at the glasshouses; detouring through the garden and smelling all the herbs and fruits. Sensory overload!
  • We are SO close to getting that first tooth – it’s just starting to cut through the gum. I’d be very surprised if we didn’t have it completely through within a week.

Motherhood can be so challenging but I wouldn’t miss those giggling, smiling moments for anything. So lucky.

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