Wishful Thinking: Springtime Getaway

New Zealand Destinations

Papa M and I like to travel – in fact, prior to CJ coming along we did it A LOT. We had big trips to both Melbourne and Samoa, but also made the most of long weekends and cheap domestic airfares, having local holidays. I think that’s one of the benefits of living in a small country like New Zealand – it’s not too far to reach most places in NZ, whether it is by plane, boat, train or car. New Zealanders may be able to pick some of our destinations from the pictures above!

Some of our favorite destinations have been:

Christchurch: True story; Papa M had never flown before following me on an already-planned vacation to Christchurch in 2009. We had a fantastic four days before he had to fly back to work. We followed that up with a trip the following year, tackling a bit more of the South Island by journeying up to Hanmer Springs and down to Lake Tekapo. I’ve been back on a flying visit post-earthquake but Papa M hasn’t and I think it will be at least the end of 2015 before there will be a possibility of us going again. Christchurch is doing an amazing job of rebuilding and it will be interesting to see how it develops.

The Coromandel: Widely renowned as one of THE summer destinations in New Zealand, it’s also not too shabby as an off-peak choice. We’ve stayed in almost every major town (not Pauanui… yet) and we really love it there. We quite often play the “When we win the lottery, we’ll buy a holiday home here” game, although we hum and ha about whether it would be at Cooks’ Beach or Whangamata.

Wellington: New Zealand’s capital city. We took the Overlander train down which worked out fantastically; we did all our winding down on the train and hit the streets in Wellington raring to go. We indulged our inner nerds with museum visits and a tour of Parliament. We also had the opportunity to meet up with some great people and eat some fantastic food – Wellington has a very vibrant food scene.

Seriously, the list could go on and on with something amazing to share about each place. Each destination we visit holds a special home in our hearts. Five and a half years together means so many trips and so many fabulous memories. But here’s the kicker – we haven’t been away in almost a year! Our baby-moon last October (Whitianga that time) was the last time that we managed to go away. No wonder we’ve both been longing for a change of scenery. We moved house and had a baby and Papa M’s work has been really crazy and somehow we have a six-month-old with a portacot that is yet to be used outside of the house! How did this happen?

Despite dentist bills and car services, we definitely want to move this from the “Wishful Thinking” to the “Making Plans” column and we’re starting to figure out how we can make this work. We definitely need to get CJ used to being an adventure-seeker like his mum and dad!

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Did you guess, Kiwis? R to L, Top to Bottom: Wellington, Mt Maunganui, Paihia, Lake Tekapo, Cape Reinga, Whangamata, Hot Water Beach, Christchurch, Rotorua.


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