Loving It: Our Baby Show Haul

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Last year we attended the Auckland Baby Show as relatively newbies to the parenting game. We literally announced that morning (to Facebook at least) that we were expecting; just as well we did as we saw people we knew there and might have been hard-pushed to convince them it was purely a “research trip”! We spent a leisurely few hours strolling the show and spending up large, pausing every once in a while to drink and rest at one of the handy rest-areas. Very clever having free water coolers actually, I was SO thirsty when pregnant and get dehydrated so easily while I’m still feeding. Anyway, clearly this year was going to be a little different. We were constrained this year by the fact that we are now a one-income income family and the fact that we have the little dude, but it was handy to use the show itinerary planner tool offered on the Baby Show website to plan out our “must-sees”. It meant we got to every stand we needed to visit, but we got to take in some fabulous unexpected surprises along the way.

We did buy some big-ticket items that are in the delivery process and we’ll show those on the blog or the Facebook page in due course. Here are some purchases (and freebies, that anyone at the show could get) that make up part of our haul:

Freebies and GWPs at BabyShow

Upon arrival, everyone was able to get a little freebie bag of Huggies nappies and wipes. Huggies is a major sponsor of our national baby health service Plunket and was also one of the major partners of the show. Always handy to have these little sealed packs to throw in the car for emergencies.

Other freebies we picked up were:

The goodie bag to end ALL goodie bags at the show, however, was the The Warehouse Seminar Room goodie bag. We arrived just before the seminar started to see the helpful staff placing bags on each chair. After our seminar (and CJ’s bounce time in the activity centre down the back), we took our bag but didn’t actually get a chance to look in it until we got home. They really outdid themselves!


In the bag:

  • Two samples of Palmers Lotion for Stretch Marks
  • Blue & Pink 3-packs of wooly socks (can’t decide whether to give the pink away or just have CJ wear them around home!)
  • Medium, Large & Extra-Large 2-packs of Babywise Nappy Pants
  • Babywise Baby Wipes
  • My personal favorite: The Nuby Hot Safe Spoon – BPA free and changes color when the food temperature gets too hot!

Very generous, considering that you need do nothing more than listen to the helpful advice of the seminar hosts – our particular seminar was run by John of The Parenting Place and focused on how to survive and thrive as a parent.

Finally, here’s (most) of our little purchases. Some of the more “grocery”-type items are already in use!


  • Mumi & Bubi Solid Starter Kit: While I don’t make all of CJ’s food, I find that freezing portions of store-bought food enables us to reduce food wastage. Now Papa M can have his ice trays back and I can actually store the cubes in the trays!
  • Brontosaurus Anamalz: My little dino-lover chose this one himself, a boy after his own mum’s heart. Plus I think he just likes to stick the brontosaurus head in his mouth
  • Xma-Ease by Mum’s Secret: CJ currently gets heat-related eczema and this is a wonderful natural product to use on him. I’ve recently had a random patch of dermatitis pop up and it works wonders on me too
  • Seven-pack of Only Organic baby food: This is our current go-to range for store-bought food, CJ loves the wide range of flavors.

I have to reiterate that this was only a tiny portion of what was available at the show, and the stuff that was most relevant to us. You can check out who exhibited this year on their website, and follow the Baby Show (NZ) on Facebook or Twitter in order to be in the know for next year.

If you went this year, I’d love to know some of what you got in your haul!

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  1. Baby expos are pretty cool. We went to one when I was pregnant with the Little Mister and we got the most amazing deal on a pram that we would never have got in store! So cool.
    I almost didn’t get to go because Mr Unprepared was having his wisdom teeth out and they put him in (and consequently out of) surgery early and it threw off my whole day! He made it up to me the next weekend – don’t know why, but I’ll always remember that when I think of baby expos! I wish I could have gone to our one this year but I had no reason or excuse! Next time I’m preggo I hope the timing works out right so i can go again!

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