Happy Half-birthday: 30 before 30


Today marks my half-birthday and the six month countdown to the big 30! While my goal for this year has been simplicity, I don’t want to mistake this for complacency – there’s still room to grow! So here is my list of 30 things I’d like to do before 30:

  1. Work a polling booth for Election Day – this goal has already required some preplanning (applying for and accepting position) but I’m pleased to tick it off my nerdy bucket list
  2. Wean CJ out of a swaddle – I know, funny goal, but it seems like a mountain of a challenge at the moment!
  3. Guest-post on 10 different blogs.
  4. Find two new networking groups.
  5. Give cloth diapering a good try – summer will probably be ideal for this given it will increase our washing load!
  6. Support NZ businesses (where possible) for upcoming gift occasions
  7. Declutter and sell a whole bunch of items – our house is very little and a lot of stuff lives in the garage that we never use. Flick it on, I say!
  8. Plan a family tropical holiday for August 2015 (we’re thinking Rarotonga!)
  9. Meet with a mortgage broker – we keep putting this off but we really need to find out where we need to be so that we have a goal to work towards
  10. Find an AWESOME at-home child care person for CJ to start with in February next year (eeee!)
  11. Get our wills sorted – how boring and adult, but necessary
  12. Take a dance class – not fussed as to what, just need to get my body moving
  13. Find six new recipes to add to the usual menu of meals in this house
  14. Find a swim outfit that makes me feel confident at the pool/beach/wherever. I don’t need to have a son growing up with a mum constantly trying to hide her body
  15. On this note – get to the beach this summer! I was so sore and whale-like last summer, I did not enjoy myself at all. I want a real summer this time, with my big and little adventure buddies.
  16. Own a pair of Toms
  17. Get a proper pair of cross-trainers after getting a stride analysis.
  18. Eat waffles at Ben Gusto Howick
  19. Eat everything (haha) at Masu
  20. Take Papa M to Tanuki’s Cave 
  21. Have Giapo ice-cream again – it’s been FAR too long
  22. Take CJ to the zoo for the first time
  23. Have a family day-trip to Waiheke Island
  24. Get down to my wedding weight – this is still a good 15 kg above my goal weight but a realistic goal in the next six months.
  25. Have a 24-hour girlie getaway as a trial run before my trip to Perth – more a trial run for Papa M
  26. Have family portrait taken in the weeks leading up to CJ’s first birthday
  27. Finish writing my novel and grow the metaphorical testes to try and get it published
  28. Try a flotation tank – hoping to lock this in during my Perth trip
  29. Throw a kick-ass first birthday for CJ
  30. Book a delicious weekend getaway at The Langham for my 30th!

I look forward to updating this over the next six months – will I be able to do it all?

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10 thoughts on “Happy Half-birthday: 30 before 30

  1. Some great goals! I had a great time ticking things off my 30 x 30 list. Excited that you’ll be working on Election Day – so will I! I did it last time and it was loads of fun. Doing a different job in a different electorate but I’m sure it will still be a great day! xM

  2. I had to take a lie down after reading this Natasha. Make sure you have time to just be- these 6 months will zoom past. I used Bernados for my home care and they were super amazing.

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