Mama M Tries: Hoyts Mums & Bubs session

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The Mums & Bubs sessions at the movies have been on my radar for quite a while now; with other mums I know venturing out and watching films with their little ones. I was a bit hesitant – CJ is an incredibly active wee cookie and I didn’t know how he would cope with being in one room for two hours. I love myself a good movie, however, and was a bit sad to have missed out on a few I really wanted to see (like Divergent) earlier this year. On Sunday we were at a baby-shower for three hours and CJ coped with being in the same place for three hours with only a couple of minor meltdowns and I started to think there was a possibility this would work.

The Hoyts website advertises the Mums & Bubs sessions as “a unique child-friendly cinema environment. Films are specially selected (G/PG/M), cinema lights are kept dimmed for feeding, sound levels are closely monitored. And if baby starts crying during the movie – it’s ok!”. It sounded all good! Tying it in with an errand that needed to be done in the Botany Downs area seemed perfect – at only $9 a ticket it was WAY cheaper than shopping and not a huge investment if it all turned pear-shaped and we had to leave.

Leaving home before morning nap, I let CJ sleep in the car. This was a bit of a sneaky move on my part, knowing that if he has a short morning sleep he’ll often have a little “lap nap” while we’re out and about. We arrived about 30 minutes before the movie, true to my usual movie attending type A form. The cinema definitely wasn’t packed but it let CJ get a little acclimatized to the environment so I think it was a good move, at least this time. It also gave me the chance to do a loo stop in advance – not so easy to nip out to the bathroom for a bit with a baby. Hot tip? The female toilets past the ticket checkers have a change table, just in case your little buddy is not as courteous.

The previews were slightly louder than expected and I kept CJ turned towards me during the preview for Dracula Untold (but it looks interesting) – bear this in mind if your wee one is a little bit sensitive. The movie for the week was If I Stay, which I hadn’t actually heard much about but actually quite enjoyed. It was a great opportunity to see one of the girlier flicks that Papa M isn’t so keen on. We got a seat that enabled us to have the stroller right next to us but CJ also loved the opportunity to explore sitting in one of the big people seats!


How did he go? Pretty awesome! He had a bottle, watched a bit of the film, played with his toys and then when he was a bit scratchy I hauled him onto my knees for a “lap nap”. Thanks to the dimmed lighting he actually slept for an entire hour, waking for the last fifteen minutes of the movie. It was a throughly enjoyable experience for me too, giving me back some of that pre-mum normalcy that we can sometimes miss.

Verdict? Loved it, would recommend and will definitely attend again. I think it will be a semi-regular outing for us until CJ finds his feet and can’t be contained in one spot for too long. Check out whether your local cinema runs Mums & Bubs sessions for a great time out where it truly doesn’t matter if your baby cries.


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  1. It was so lovely to meet Chase (and you!) at the baby shower.
    He’s such a cutie – and he did do very well for being in the same place for what surely must have felt like forever. Don’t even mention all that loud laughter!

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