Things I never want to forget…

At my mixed age coffee group this morning, it was crazy to see how fast kids are growing! Sitting, crawling, standing, walking – they’re turning into toddlers before our very eyes. I can’t wait for CJ to be able to crawl and stand and walk; he loves being out and about and seeing different things and being mobile will open up that world for him. All the same, it made me appreciate the awesome things about the stage that we’re in right now.

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  • I love the way he tries to get your attention. I was out at a cafe with a friend and had him sitting on the couch beside me. Whenever he thought that I’d forgotten about him I would get a little tug on my sleeve. He’ll do it to his little friends too, if they’re within reach. No one is forgetting about you, darling!
  • I love how he mimics both Papa M and I. I wiped his face and high chair tray with a cloth the other morning and left it on the tray. I was rinsing the plates out in the sink and I turn to see CJ wiping down the tray with the cloth. He wants so desperately to be a big boy, that one.
  • He is such a flirt. Whenever he meets a new person, he takes about ten seconds to suss out that they are “good” and then is full of the biggest smiles for them. If they’re ladies, he likes to snuggle in and play with their hair and if they’re men he can just sit there and listen to them talk for hours. Such an extroverted wee mite; no idea where he gets it from.
  • He has “company manners” – he can be a little toad at home for no apparent reason, throwing a fit that I might have just left the room to go put something away. In public, however, he is very unlikely to have an epic meltdown… unless of course I am not feeding him fast enough. Then all bets are off. Cracks me up! I hope this is one habit he continues to hold onto.
  • Speaking of habits, he is definitely a creature of them. We went through a stage where he was a bit scared of elevators, when he was old enough to work out what was going on around him but scared of the noises. To stop him stressing too much, I’d say “Wheeeeee!” as the elevator started moving. Last week at Botany Town Centre I was distracted as we hopped in the elevator and forgot to say it. I soon snapped back to reality when I heard a little “Wheeee” coming from the stroller!
  • I love the way he is absolutely monstering his food at the moment. He’ll grab the spoon or bowl if he doesn’t think you are moving fast enough and just today managed to eat more than his fair share of our banana. Yet he won’t drink water unless it’s out of mummy’s bottle – what a cheeky guy!

It sounds dreadfully cliche but I honestly do feel blessed to have this wee character in my life. All the hard parts are forgotten by the moments of joy he brings; babies are so well-designed like that. I can’t wait to see what unforgettable moments the next few months will bring!

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