Currently: The September Edition

Liking the community that I’ve found recently with both #nzbloggers and #bloggersbrunchclub – so great to have a hive of minds and great conversation

Eating tuna – let’s face it, I’m not a huge fan of the tinned stuff after tasting the amazing just-caught stuff in Samoa. Due to a couple of tight weeks, however, our food budget was teeny and the Sealord Tuna-Stirthrus were a life-saver!

Celebrating engagements and 30th birthdays in abundance! I love having happy occasions to share with friends

Feeling positive about the plans that we’ve made for next year – I’m heading back two days a week relief (supply, substitute) teaching and CJ will be attending an at-home day care. I think this is going to allow me the flexibility that I need to be creative and to feel present in CJ’s life while still allowing me to earn significant income

Trying to be more physically active – it can be very hard when the weather is cruddy and I don’t want to take CJ out so I’m trying to make the most of ways to be active indoors and to get the most out of our sunny days

Longing for a spring getaway – still working on getting this sorted. Hopefully we will work something out soon!

Debating when and how to stop breast-feeding CJ. If you have followed the saga, you’ll know that it really isn’t something that comes easy to us but I know that it has good benefits. I have questionable supply sometimes and I’ll be away for four days when he’s 11 months old so we need to transition off breastfeeding by then. Tentatively, I’m planning to drop the “dinner” feed at the end of October (when he’ll start having dinner before milk) and wrap up completely by Christmas if I don’t dry up before then. It makes me feel like a crummy mother but I have to remember how hard I’ve tried and that it’s great that we’ve made it as far as we have

Missing my mum. A couple of things have happened recently that have just made me feel the loss of her presence once more. I don’t think it’s something that will ever go away – there will be easier and harder times as the years go on

Wishing that I had the self-control not to look at property listings. There’s just no way that we can stretch the budget to safely buy a home on one income but it doesn’t stop me falling in love with properties and sections

Watching CJ try so damn hard to crawl. He always looks so happy when he manages to get his tummy off the ground. I think actual crawling is still a decent chunk of time away

Writing a couple of guest posts – so excited to start ticking this off the list

Loving that sharing my goals for the next six months has started to make things happen – just goes to show, that if you put it out there, it’ll find you!

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3 thoughts on “Currently: The September Edition

  1. bloggersclub is amazing x Breastfeeding for 11months is such an achievement, don’t feel down about stopping or cutting back (whichever you decide) be proud you did it!!
    Woo for returning to work, I think part-time is a great way to get the benefits of both worlds.

  2. Seriously, the biggest mistake I made was feeling like a crap mama for weaning the Little Mister off breastfeeding earlier than I had hoped to. Don’t minimise the achievement you have made – it wasn’t easy but you’ve done it!!! That in itself is awesome. Trust me. I look back now and wish I hadn’t beaten myself up because it was the best decision I ever made for the Little Mister and I.
    Anyway, lecture over – I really love seeing what you’re up to 🙂

  3. Oooh this is an awesome idea for a monthly series Mamma M. I may just have to sneakily borrow the idea for Child of Ponderings. I am definitely with you on the love for #bloggersbrunchclub and #nzbloggers . Such a great community!

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