CJ @ 7 months


A picture with lots of CJ’s favorite things – talking, eating, Ellie Phant & being out and about. CJ has just turned seven months and my head is already full of ideas for his first birthday! We’ve decided that “big” parties in our house will only be for 1st, 5th, 10th, 13th & 18th birthdays so I really want this birthday to be special. Five months to plan it anyway!

  • He’s gone from hating tummy time to spending time on his tummy in preference to anything else. He does his cute little push-ups, trying to build up the strength to crawl, sweet boy!
  • Someone asked me the other day what CJ likes to eat and my answer was “Food!” – I swear, that boy will eat anything. Papa M was feeding him breakfast one morning and asked if the sounds he was making meant he was having a reaction… no, he just gets that excited about oats with fig and sultanas!
  • He had his first day where he didn’t see mummy at all. I worked at a voting place for the New Zealand government elections and was gone before he rose and back much, much later than when he went to sleep. He transitioned from having his daddy look after him during the day to his Aunty S look after him in the evening like a total pro. That’s definitely the upside of having such a social little dude and makes me feel much better about putting him into care two days a week next year.
  • We’re finally transitioning out of the swaddle but it’s the slowest process ever! He still loves to feel snug so we need to make sure he’s loosely wrapped when putting him to bed.
  • We have teeth! One fully through and one halfway through – CJ loves to brush his teeth morning and night and I’m rapt that it’s becoming a habit for him.
  • He has seen two movies so far! We go to the Mums & Bubs sessions at Hoyts and so far have seen If I Stay and The Giver. I’m making the most of it now because I think I’ll be plum out of luck once this wrigglebutt is on the move!
  • We took him out to dinner for the first time! Our little night owl doesn’t go to bed until 8:30 so a relatively early dinner is actually doable for us. We took him out to Mexicali and he was really fantastic. It’s certainly not something that we’ll do all the time, but it’s nice to know we can.
  • Another first was CJ’s first time at the beach. We’d actually intended on going to Takapuna Beach as we had to run an errand over on the North Shore but we couldn’t get a park anywhere near! We decided to head back across the harbor bridge and ended up at St Helier’s Bay which turned out to be just perfect.
  • CJ also had his first swing and slide experience on Father’s Day and it was great fun! It’ll be a little bit of time before he’s rattling away around the playground by himself but I think that he’s going to be one of those kids that just loves burning through that energy in the fresh air.
  • We went for a road trip to Hamilton (the next city over, for you non-Kiwi folk) and he got to meet both Tara and Greer – he really loved Tara’s tattoos! I guess mummy’s boring, ordinary arms just can’t compare.

I feel like we’re really getting into the swing of things around here and it feels good. I love going for walks with him and picking fresh lavender for him to smell and I’m starting to savor the slower pace of life we have at the moment, even if the year seems to fly by so fast!

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2 thoughts on “CJ @ 7 months

  1. Aw so many beautiful firsts at that age! 🙂 I love your updates! I miss those movie dates when the Little Mister was smaller – enjoy them while you can! I’m hoping that in a couple of years we can attempt the movies again haha.

  2. It was so good to meet this gorgeous little man – and finally you too 🙂
    All the kids like to look at my arms and when there is only outlines, they have even had a go at colouring them in!

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