Mama M Tries: Kiinde Twist Feeding System

I was lucky enough to meet up with the Kiinde team at the Baby Show earlier this year. I had seen their product on some international websites that I follow and was pleased to know that they had made an appearance in the New Zealand market. Kiinde is a unique breast milk pumping, storage and feeding system that ensures that the milk is stored and fed from a sterile environment without the fuss of washing.

As you can see in the picture above, you pump directly into the bag – through the clever use of adaptors, this system can fit most pumps. The bags are then able to be stored flat in the freezer, with the shelves making the product easily locatable for the person who will feed your baby. Once the frozen breast milk is defrosted (either in their warmer or in a warm water bath) you simply plug the bag into the feeding case, pop the teat in the top and you’re away!

I used this system when I was working on Election Day and needed to be gone by the time that my wee boy was awake. While CJ is mixed-fed, he is still breastfed in the morning and I didn’t want to jeopardise my supply by missing that feed. It was great to be able to pump straight into the bag – the rigid neck of the bag was really easy to connect to the pump adaptor and it was actually more comfortable than pumping directly into a bottle. The lid easily screwed on the top of the bag to allow for storage. As Papa M was feeding him shortly after, the milk was just stored in the fridge before use so we didn’t need to defrost it. When CJ was ready, it was incredibly simple for Papa M to just pop the bag in the case and exchange the lid for the teat. Due to the rigid neck of the bag, the teat with cover can just be pushed directly onto the bottle, no turning or tightening required.

This product is ideal for anyone who is wishing to provide their child with expressed breast milk but I think it would be particularly ideal for working mothers who still want their children to enjoy the benefits of breast milk. I would certainly feel more confident about transporting expressed milk thanks to the twist-top storage bags and feeding from the bag means far less washing up – I think every bottle-feeding parent has probably had a moment where they are caught short without any clean bottles! The one negative point I can see is that the bags are not reusable due to their loss of sterile environment but that will be the same with any pumping situation, plus you would still have to waste water washing up.

The full range is available through EnnoBaby and the Kiinde Australasia website.

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*PR sample, but as usual – if I didn’t love it, I wouldn’t recommend it xox