CJ @ 8 months


Eight months is such a fun age – well, for the most part anyway! I marvel every day at the wonderful boy our son is becoming. I did wonder whether I would miss the “baby” stage as he approached toddlerhood but it’s quite the opposite. I can’t wait to see CJ grow and become even more of his wonderful self! So what’s going on at 8 months?

  • Two teeth and he appears to be growing a fang! Not the usual order of things but we know by now that babies don’t read the rule book
  • He loves eating ANYTHING that I’m eating – totally calling this the baby diet. The most random thing he has eaten so far has to be tomato with balsamic vinegar from J’s salad – and despite pulling some funny faces he liked it
  • He HATES getting changed and the only thing that seems to help when he gets worked up is yelling out “Despite all my rage I’m still just a rat in a cage”! I have no idea why this works, but like most parenting things you don’t knock it if it’s working.
  • He is trying so damn hard to crawl but just hasn’t managed to get up on his knees yet. It’s pretty hilarious to watch, his arms and legs are going absolutely mental and then he just freezes in what we call his skydiving pose:


  • We’re starting to plan for my return to part-time work next year and will be interviewing carers for CJ within the next month. Part of me wishes that I could just stay home with him always but I know that’s not the best move for our family
  • He is confidently sitting unsupported – it was like one day he just realized that he could do it and there he was. There’s always the occasional tumble when he gets distracted by something across the room but he handles falling over a lot better too.
  • He’s just started holding himself up against furniture but is pretty unsteady on it – I’m secretly grateful that he’s not showing signs of being an early walker
  • He decided overnight that he wasn’t having a bar of swaddling at all. I’d admittedly begun to worry that we’d still be loosely wrapping him when he was three, but it turned out that he was quite happy to tell us when he was ready
  • On the downside, getting him to sleep is an absolute mare at the moment – there’s so much going on in that brain of his that he is finding it hard to switch off. He thinks that any lying down is crawling practice time. We have to rock him (thank goodness for the rocking chair) and I’ll sing to him until he is relaxed and drowsy. Gone are the days where we could just pop him in the cot and leave
  • He can be very verbal – when he’s happy, he’ll keep repeating “Eaggy! Eaggy! Eaggy!” which clearly means something to him. The only thing we can think of is that he’s copying me saying “It’s good!” but who knows…
  • He met up with Corrine’s lovely wee girl Charlie for the first time since Charlie has been outside the womb – yay for blogger babies
  • We spent the better part of a day at my old (and soon to be new again) workplace, hanging out with teachers and students. My little charmer had them all cooing madly over him – that boy is going to be a worry when he’s older

We’re definitely starting to get a little more flexible and have started to take him to BBQs and get togethers that don’t specifically pivot around parents with kids. We do get a few sideways looks from some of the childless people – “Who brought the baby?” – but for the most part the events are really enjoyable and our wee social butterfly loves hanging out with all the people! It’s good to have a little buddy who is willing to tag along on our adventures.

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