Five things to do on a long weekend…

when it’s just not possible to go away?

As our Facebook and Instagram feeds fill with pictures of our friends at their holiday homes, camping in their tents or at beachside motels it can be hard not to feel a little FOMO. Labour Weekend has just been and gone in New Zealand and (if I can be perfectly honest here) I just did not get organized in time to plan us a little getaway. We don’t have the luxury of our parents owning a holiday home which means that we have to take our chances and book in with the masses. While we’ve arranged a little off-peak getaway in a few weeks’ time, we were left to make the most of our holiday weekend right in our own backyard.

Tackle a project that’s been put on the back burner

Papa M and I relocated our office to our spare room (sorry future guests, you’ve been relegated to air mattress on the floor) and got the basics into the right place but the rest of it was just one hell of a big mess. It was the kind of situation where it was going to get a lot worse before it got better so doing it piecemeal during nap times wasn’t going to work either – it would render the office almost completely unusable! Papa M got put in charge of child care and I spent a large chunk of the day putting everything to rights. An ordered desk makes me SO happy and it is so much easier to keep track of what needs to be done.


Having fun at Shore City – too little to enter this Smiggle competition though!

Shopping the sales

As part of our Saturday adventure, we went to the mall to pick up a couple of things. I noticed many of the stores had some decent sales and it is the perfect time to nail down that Christmas shopping before the silly season starts! Papa M picked up part of my Christmas present (I know what it is, but not what type) for 20% off which means more money for presents for me! While I’m not an advocate for over-consumption and shopping for shopping’s sake, I am an advocate of being fiscally responsible and picking up presents during sales throughout the year

Spend time with family and friends

We were delighted to attend a birthday party this weekend – our friend Julie’s son was turning two! We found out that CJ absolutely loves hearing the birthday song – he was getting a bit ratty as it was past his nap time at that point and the song totally calmed him. That’s my music-lover alright! We also enjoyed a traditional Sunday roast dinner with Papa M’s family which was also a great time. It’s so easy in this busy technology-filled world to let the face-to-face visits slide and think that digitally stopping by is enough. Long weekends are an opportunity to change this!

Explore somewhere new

The birthday party was held in Onepoto Domain on Auckland’s North Shore. We’d never been there before and it was really great to have a new place to explore! There’s duck ponds, wide open grassy fields for play, a bike track and awesome playground areas. Pre-baby, Papa M and I loved to get out and explore and it’s still a huge priority for us to be able to do that as a family. We definitely want our children to grow up with a sense of adventure.


Spend time in nature

Initially we’d planned to tackle a bush walk on Monday but the overcast weather had us worrying about slippery conditions. We still wanted to get out in nature despite the chance of rain so we changed it up and headed to a local duck pond instead. CJ was still totally buzzed by the experience and Papa M and I got our fresh air and exercise for the day. You don’t have to be on holiday to explore the great outdoors, there’s probably some fantastic nature walks in your own “back yard.

Staying at home for a long weekend doesn’t mean that you need to literally stay at home. With a little research and planning it’s easy to make it a fun-filled weekend for the whole family. Do you have any hot tips to avoid FOMO and have fun?

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