Loving It: 30.10.14


This little dude loves to party – dressed up and ready to go

I’m loving the Christmas decorations in the shops this year. Christmas has always been my favorite holiday but the last couple of years have lost a little bit of their shine with not having my mum around to celebrate with us. This year is CJ’s first Christmas and it feels like the joy is back in the holiday for me.

We always say that CJ has big feelings – he’s very happy or very sad or very frustrated – so I think this toy will be great for him as he grows older as a way to learn to explain his emotions.

I think we’re pretty set on Rarotonga as our major holiday destination next year but this article definitely has me thinking about Fiji’s Denerau Island in future.

I’ll be the first to admit that my prayer practice is a little shoddy. I’ve been working on this lately and it’s been great to see how when you hand things over to whatever higher power you believe in (in my case, that’s the Christian God) that things actually start to happen even if they aren’t the way you first thought they would. I know that sounds cryptic, but all in good time my friends.

I’ve wanted to try Chia Pudding for so long, and this recipe from In Rhi’s Pantry sounds amazing – now to get on that when the week is not quite so busy!

It’s definitely hard to explain to someone without kids – and even some working parents – the need for a SAHM to have a break. This article summarizes it so beautifully. I love CJ but some days being a mum is EXHAUSTING.

We’re off to a mini photoshoot with coffee group this morning – let’s hope my little poser is his usual sweet self and we get a nice pic for the Christmas card!

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One thought on “Loving It: 30.10.14

  1. That SAHM blog article totally nails it!!!
    I love Christmas too. My reason for the shine coming off it is totally different (and nowhere near as tough as it must have been for you) but I am trying my darndest to make it special and keep that excitement going. Little ones definitely do help renew the enthusiasm 🙂

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