Spring Getaway: Update


It’s great how when you put ideas out there in the world, things start to happen. Papa M and I were big travelers (domestic and international) before CJ came along and I was definitely getting a case of itchy feet! We’d left it far too late in the year to organize a holiday over the new year period – seriously, you practically have to book your accommodation the previous new year – and so a spring getaway looked just the ticket. The M household will soon be off to New Zealand’s (hopefully) sunny North!

Travelling with an infant is not the easiest thing to do, but we’ve got a plan in place for how to break up the drive and we hope it will go smoothly. CJ is pretty used to being carted here, there and everywhere around Auckland and Waikato so we’re hoping that the slightly longer trip won’t phase him too much! It’s good practice anyway for next year, in which we’re already looking forward to at least two flights and two car journeys!

Once in the Bay of Islands we hope to do a more in-depth exploration of the area than we have done in former visits; previously we used the area as a home base to head off on day-long jaunts that didn’t take into account meal times and nap times! We’re looking forward to playing on the beaches, going for bush walks (thanks, handy Ergo front pack!) and maybe even CJ’s first boat ride. I’m so excited this is happening and can’t wait to report back on what worked (and what didn’t) for us.

Do you have any hot tips for infant-friendly activities in the Bay of Islands? Let me know below.

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2 thoughts on “Spring Getaway: Update

  1. Ah! I love the far North, our family has a place up there so we try and get up there as much as possible. Sadie doesn’t mind the trip too much, she’ll happily nap for at least 3/4 of the way, but after that one of us has to jump in the back to try and keep her entertained for last few km’s. Other than the boat rides (keep an eye out for dolphins et al), the Bay of Islands is actually quite a sleepy little place, but it’s great for walks and exploring all the historic places with baby. They’ve also got heaps of decent eateries with amazing views, very relaxing even with baby in tow, so I’m sure you guys will have a lovely time.

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