CJ @ 9 months


Nine months! CJ has been out of my belly almost as long as he was in there and we can’t see any of the baby in him any more – he is all little boy! Especially in shorts weather where you can see those long long legs that he got from his mama! This month was a pretty eventful month for us:

  • He had his first overnight hospital stay. High temperatures led to high heart rate episodes and we were quickly referred from an after hours clinic to the local hospital where they ran tests and observed him to make sure it was nothing more serious than a virus. He hated the big metal cots, instead preferring to cat nap in his stroller. He was so brave though, I’m a very proud mama.
  • He says “addaddy” and “mum”, the first with excitement and the second usually with annoyance when I haven’t done something quickly enough. It’s quite funny, I have the TV on in the background while cooking dinner and CJ will usually pay very little attention to it but the moment he hears the theme song for Neighbours it’s all “Addaddy? Addaddy?” because he knows it’s usually the time his daddy gets home
  • He’s still a huge music fan. We crack ourselves up by having dance parties to T. Swift’s “Shake It Off” and he had both Papa M and I dying of cuteness when he started singing along to the “Friday” remix on the Vodafone ad
  • He’s got four teeth – the top two have just cut through at the same time, poor guy
  • He went on holiday for the first time! Call it fatigue, call it budgetary constraints… I’m not actually entirely sure why we haven’t managed to go on holiday until now. Nevertheless, despite CJ cutting those teeth and Papa M getting an unfortunately-timed case of Hand, Foot & Mouth disease, we did have a great time. CJ was a total rockstar at sleeping in his portacot but still not a fan of sleeping in the car – it seems like 50 mins is his max, regardless of the length of trip
  • We have hands & knees! We still don’t have forward motion (he tends to worm himself backwards from this point) but crawling can’t be too far off! I’m so excited for this to happen for him, he gets so frustrated and lies down with his head on the floor looking very sad when he can’t get it to work
  • He absolutely HATES the sound of me tearing off the baking paper out of the dispenser. He has no problem with me tearing it with my hands, no problem with me tearing plastic wrap out of the dispenser but we have tears every single time I line a baking tray!
  • CJ graduated to the big boy seat of the grocery trolley – he’s a very sturdy sitter now so we’re confident that he can last a shopping trip in the seat without toppling over
  • He is starting to become more fond of baby-led weaning – otherwise known as “I’ll have what you’re having, thanks”. Foods that he’s tried in the last month includes sushi (loved it) and corn fritter
  • He’s becoming very determined – I fear that he’s headstrong like his mother. If he doesn’t want to be carried, he will practically throw himself out of your arms. I see more than a few “battles of the wills” in our future

The month ahead looks pretty exciting! The weekends are absolutely packed with parties and adventure in the lead up to Christmas and we have lots of fun weekday events as well. Our little extroverted dude loves to socialize so it will be a great month for him!

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