CJ’s Christmas Wishlist

The old adage is true, you never really do realize how fun Christmas is until you are the one that is playing Santa. Christmas has always been a favorite holiday of mine, and while we’re still trying to work out the logistics of midnight mass (might be missing it again this year), we’ve got the wishlists sorted! All of these items are less than $100 and there’s even a discount code at the end of the post to help you save $$ this Christmas! Here’s  the letter to Santa that CJ might have written… if he could write!


Mocka Bright Balls

CJ is just starting to get into the idea of toys that roll – he loves pushing them along the ground. I can definitely see this ball growing with him – soft enough for him to play with now, bright enough that he won’t lose it at the park when he’s older. Best of all, they aren’t at all expensive meaning that you can buy more than one ball if you have more than one child.


Baby Bjorn Bib*

OK, this is definitely more of a mum request than a CJ request but with a baby who is getting more and more fond of finger foods, this would definitely save my sanity. I love that it is wipe clean, dishwasher safe, adjustable… and most of all I love that it will catch the bits of food so that I don’t have to hose down the high chair every single time!


The Moe Show DVD*

CJ is a huge fan of The Moe Show (I think it might be the low voices and the fact that he is SUCH a daddy’s boy) and I love that it is NZ produced TV. On those days where we can’t get out and explore, it’s great to be able to watch Moe explore instead and we’re both learning a bit of Te Reo (the language of the indigenous people of NZ – the Maori). Getting the DVD would mean that we could tide ourselves over during the show hiatus!


Dinosaur Train: Dinormous Collection*

Another big fav in our household; CJ loves the songs on this show and each episode is the perfect length for the amount of time I let him watch TV in the morning while I get ready – yes, I am that fast, I have it down to a fine art. I love how this show introduces scientific terminology to kids – I’m of the opinion that it’s never to early to expand your vocabulary. That and I’m a little dino-obsessed – I follow a T-Rex on Twitter!


Ernie the Elephant

It’s been well-documented on the blog about our lucky elephants and this would be just the cutest addition to CJ’s room. I love that this is both pretty and practical, with the ability to be used as a stool as well as for decor. They say that Ernie is virtually indestructible which is always a relief when you’re the mother of small kids!


The Very Hungry Caterpillar’s Christmas 123*

OK, full disclosure – we may have bought this and started reading it already! CJ love, love, loves The Very Hungry Caterpillar and so when we spotted this on Megan’s instagram it was a no brainer! I absolutely love that style of illustration and CJ loves it too. I can really see this books growing with us each christmas as he learns to spot the caterpillar and count the pictures by himself.


Cloud B Smart Sensor Sleep Sheep

While CJ is a fairly good sleeper, he definitely has a routine and white noise is part of that. We use an iOS app and that’s worked well for us, having the iPod at home or the iPhone in a pinch if he really needs a nap while we’re out. With him starting with a carer next year, we need another option – I’m not buying another iPod and I’ll be damned if this mum-brain will remember to take it to and fro each time! I love that this has a sensor that triggers automatically when there is noise, meaning that the white noise won’t have to run consistently but hopefully he’ll resettle without the carer having to assist him too much. I’m tempted to get two (one for the carer and one for home) and steal back my iPod!

The lovely team at August Boutique have been kind enough to provide us with a discount code for 10% off all Cloud B items at their store and it’s valid until the 2nd of March – so it’s still there in the new year if you are feeling a little bankrupt at this time of year. Just enter “10sweet” at the checkout! If I had a wee bebe again I would be all over that Turtle Snug Rug.

If you’ve got a little one to buy for, I hope that CJ’s wish list has given you some ideas!

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  1. I know the feels about “being santa” lol. I think this is the most excited I’ve been for Christmas since my son is 1 now and actually gets interested in the tree and decorations and presents 🙂

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