30 before 30: 5. Give Cloth Diapering A Good Try

When discussing my 30 before 30 on Twitter a few weeks ago, I commented that we didn’t really have the funds to invest in cloth diapers so it would likely be a goal that wasn’t achieved this year. Lo and behold, the very generous Jude stepped up and offered her family’s stash for us to give it a go! As part of a day of North Shore adventures, CJ got to meet Jude and we picked up a huge horde of nappies to take home and try!


The Style:

The diapers that we picked up from Jude were pocket style, meaning that they have an outer shell not dissimilar to the look of a disposable nappy and this can be stuffed with as many inner pads as you need. We find that one inner does him fine for when he’s mucking around and playing but he needs two when he goes down for a nap in the morning. It’s good to be able to adjust the absorbency as needed. We also use a flushable liner which makes poop removal WAY easier!

Nappy4 Our stash

The Washing System:

Full disclosure, we don’t use the cloth diapers all the time. CJ is still in a disposable overnight and if we plan on being out for long periods. We’re lucky that CJ’s carer next year is happy to continue with cloth diapering so this routine may also be subject to change.

When we take off the diaper, we flush the liner whether it has poop in it or not. We then pull the inners out of the shell and set them to soak in a bin in the laundry with a bit of laundry detergent dissolved in the water – we are looking to get some Rockin’ Green detergent if our regular detergent doesn’t continue to defunk the odour but it seems to be working for now. Shells go in another bucket with just plain water and we wash once we have a load’s worth.

 Nappy1Funnily enough, these were the two cheapest lidded bins in the size we were looking for

The verdict:

We love it. It’s one of those things that seems overly complex until you start doing it! We pre-stuff the nappies after they’ve been through the wash and then it really is as simple as popping on a disposable. It’s something that we can see ourselves sustaining until CJ no longer needs diapers and we’re lessening our footprint on the environment too! I don’t regret starting off in disposables – there was a LOT to get our head around in those early days – but this works for our family now and I look forward to continuing it in the future. And the big old nappy butt – too cute!

Nappy2Active nappy butt on the move!

Do you cloth diaper? What is your routine?

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3 thoughts on “30 before 30: 5. Give Cloth Diapering A Good Try

  1. Good on you for giving the cloth diapers a go! I used both when I was nannying (and cloth diapers were just a piece of cloth, not nearly as cute as the pocket ones!), and am so impressed by how much better nappies have gotten. So much better for the environment (and nicer on bubs). Good work mama x

  2. I hope cloth diapering is continuing to work well for you! I love Rockin’ Green Soap. The Funk Rock is seriously the best at getting that ammonia build up taken care of. Whatever you use, enjoy that sweet little baby! He’s seriously adorable!

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