Loving It: 18.12.14

Wow! I can’t believe it – this is the last Loving It of 2014! The year has flown by SO fast; I don’t mean to sound so cliche but last Christmas we were in a different house and I was pregnant and this year we have a toddler. Well not quite toddling yet, but there’s certainly nothing left of the baby in him!


This epic living tree at the Auckland Botanic Gardens made of poinsettia and ferns – so pretty and festive.

My friend Steph launching her Loud Ladies programme – awesome to see friends out there achieving their dreams! Stay tuned to her blog to see a post from yours truly in the run up to the program me launch.

Rejected Princesses has to be one of my favorite reads right now – while the creator is churning out fewer original comics currently while creating other work, the blog is still posting short summary articles about amazing women of history.

The #illridewithyou hashtag used during the recent siege of the Lindt Cafe in Sydney has somewhat restored my faith in mankind. Although I am a Christian, I fully support the right of any individual to practice (or not practice) any type of faith. It really gets my goat when people judge a whole belief system by the act of a few individuals, in this case all Muslims by the crazed acts of one madman. The willingness of many Australians to ride with Muslim people in solidarity and aid them in protecting their religious freedom was inspiring.

The ladies of Baking Makes Things Better have been insanely busy this year and I’ve missed their posts. I was so excited to see that Melissa had posted a recipe and it’s for vol au vents – always ridiculously overpriced at the supermarket so I’m keen to try this recipe out!

This post by Kez makes me so excited for when CJ is talking in full sentences – remind me of that when I’m shaking my head because he won’t shut up!

Other things ringing my jingle bells this holiday season:

– Red Cup season at Starbucks, the only time I drink there – a fabulous first Christmas Parade adventure with CJ – finding the perfect dress for an upcoming wedding, on sale – making plans to tick another 30 by 30 off the list – discovering fantastic and easy recipes with the help of my Twitter friends – the generosity of friends – making plans for Papa M’s time off work over Christmas and the New Year – having a kid that finds thunder and lightning exciting rather than scary – brightly colored cloth nappies drying on the line – the thought of loads and loads of ham on Christmas Day – exciting hopes and dreams for 2015!

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  1. Yep – 2015 is fast approaching and I am very excited. I always get excited for a new year. Always feels so full of possibilities 🙂
    Thank you so much for the shout out too! I can’t wait to hear about CJ’s future conversations with you about the world! xx

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