CJ @ 10 Months


Sound the alert! We have a toddler in the house! While he’s not quite toddling yet (at least not without assistance), this sassy boy has definitely got the toddler ‘tude. We still love our cheeky wee munchkin though!

  • To celebrate his 10 month birthday we took him to the swimming pools for the first time. He was a huge fan! If the summer continues to be as warm as it has been this week, I can see us spending a fair amount of time there this summer
  • As well as saying Daddy and Mum, we also have “Bo-Bo” for bottle and he keeps saying “Ka Ka Ka” under his breath – we can’t work out what that one is about!
  • He’s got teeth cutting through left, right and centre – he’s gone from four to almost seven at last check. Who knows, we might wake up tomorrow and there will be even more!
  • We have a crawler. It’s not the most conventional crawl – he looks a little like a caterpillar trying to swim the butterfly stroke – but it gets him where he needs to go
  • He’s pretty lazy about the crawling – he has to be in the mood. It’s not rare to see our little dictator sitting on the mat and yelling for a toy that is just out of reach
  • He eats SO much. He’s starting to try a load of different foods and loves them all – he even had some of my curry the other night and was a big fan. He’s totally a foodie baby that is taking after his two foodie parents
  • We’ve started being able to be a little bit more flexible with day naps which has come in very handy this holiday season. It’s still far better when he’s been able to get two decent naps in – I don’t seem him growing out of that any time soon
  • CJ has been enjoying the season’s festivities – he was particularly excited about his first Christmas parade with lots of noise and trucks and excitement. We’re so excited to see his reaction to opening presents for the first time on Christmas Day!

We’re taking a short break over the Christmas period, so from us to all of you – we wish you a very Merry Christmas indeed!

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4 thoughts on “CJ @ 10 Months

  1. Wishing you a very merry Christmas too! It’s so exciting sharing it with your kid as they get older and more aware of what is going on 🙂
    But really, 10 months! I know everyone says it, but where does the time go??

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