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Every year I choose one word to encompass my goals and dreams for the year ahead. Last year, with introducing a new member of our family to the world, my word was simplicity. It was a year of paring back, of finding out what truly mattered. The focus was on finding our feet as parents and I hope that every new parent gives themselves the luxury of fewer expectations and more moments just enjoying their little person.

It might then seem funny or even counter-intuitive that 2015’s word is ABUNDANCE. Not in the frou-frou “the universe will give me absolutely everything I desire – ooh look, here’s my new Bentley with personal chauffeur” but the sense of enough. The sense that we have anything that we need and a fair bit of what we want too.

By paring back our lives this year I’ve realized that I spend a lot of time in a scarcity mentality – there’s never enough time. There’s never enough money. I’ve already started panicking about not getting enough work this year as I return on a casual basis when the reality is that I should break even with child care with even one day of work, leaving two days on which to work on other possible income streams. I have the mentality that I should eat my fair share of “treat foods” before Papa M eats the lot (yup, that’s where CJ gets it from) – what? Like the supermarket is going to run out of potato chips? Likewise I worry that because other people have achieved success that maybe we won’t get there… that’s so not how it works. I need to trust in the timing of our life.

With careful planning we can do a lot more than we ever believed possible. With creativity we can come up with new ways to forge our own path. We can define what is important to us and get a whole load more of that in our lives. Without giving too much away, we’re hoping for a lot more adventures in the year to come, a year where we can look back and think – wow, we made some AWESOME memories.

We have some big audacious plans for next year and I’m going to start believing that we can get there! There’s enough of… well, everything, to go around. 2015 is the year for living an abundant life.

If you’ve got a word for 2015, I’d love to hear it!

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10 thoughts on “One Word for 2015

  1. If you were within earshot, you would hear me applauding you! A spectacular post, and I’m so excited for your year ahead. You *are* going to create some terrific memories, and your 2015 is going to ROCK.

    I’ll have to have a think about my word for 2015; thank-you for the inspiration to do so 🙂

  2. I LOVE your word for the year and I think you are going to have an amazing 2015.

    I’ve never thought of having a word to encompass the goals I have for the year, but I will definitely be thinking about it 🙂 ❤

  3. I am so excited for 2015 and all it has to offer! My word is ‘peace’. Everything from inner peace to world peace. I’m going to be all about feeling peaceful, finding peace and hopefully contributing to peace in our world x

  4. I loved your word and your words – I have never considered that I live with a ‘scarcity’ mentality, but omg I so do! Always wondering when the next thing is arriving, rather than wallowing in the abundance we already have. I’ve already found this year’s word (complete), which is a necessary and hood word for me, but if I hadn’t I sweat your pist would have led me there. It’s a pleasure to meet you; have a wonderful, wonderful year. x

  5. Abundance is such a great choice. A very inspiring post, glad to have read it again with fresh eyes! Love it. Xox

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