CJ @ 11 Months


One month to go until I have a one year old! I think that Papa M is getting a little concerned at how many people I’ve invited to CJ’s party but we’ve agreed to only do big parties for 1st, 5th and 10th birthdays so I think it’s a good compromise! The biggest thing I’m freaking out about is making his first birthday cakes… it’s times like this that make me really feel like a mother because one of my fondest memories of my childhood was picking a cake out of the book that my parents then made come to life!

This month, CJ:

  • was such a speedster. His crawling may not be conventional – it’s an army style commando crawl – but it sure does get him from A to B at a fast rate of knots. This is of particular concern because he:
  • loves playing with doors. And he doesn’t care what side of the door you are on when he does it. It’s led to more than a few moments where Papa M and I have been stuck on the wrong side of a door unable to open it without clonking him on the head
  • is getting better at sharing – he likes to offer his dummy and his food to other people, even when they don’t want it! I do like that he is such a generous soul though
  • had his first play on a McDonald’s restaurant playground – it only involved pulling himself up on the stairs and playing in the little playhouse area but he loved it. So desperately wants to be a big boy!
  • celebrated his first Christmas. He loved his new toys and clothes but the concept of there being multiple things in his santa sack was a little beyond him! Still, it was twice (or more!) the fun to celebrate Christmas with him in our lives and he was a huge fan of all the festive foods
  • started experimenting with spices. CJ takes it very personally when you leave him out of mealtimes so in the past couple of months has had bites of both Indian and Cajun cuisine – and loved them! Taking after his daddy, that boy!
  • has loved playing in the water! We’ve visited the local pools, a paddling pool in the city and we’ve played in his new paddling pool at home. He also had the opportunity to go into a full-sized bath at his Poppa’s which he thoroughly enjoyed – the boy likes to “swim”
  • loves to talk! While a lot of it is still unintelligible burble, we have “yeah” and “kee-ken (chicken)” in addition to “Dad-Dad”, “Mum” and “Bo-bo (bottle)”. What’s quite funny is the look on his face that he clearly expects us to understand what he is saying. We try, little buddy!
  • has started the toddler tantrums already. One day this past month we had tears because his dad was eating porridge, because I wouldn’t let him eat a belt buckle and because he shut me out of a room… bless!

Invitations have just gone out for his first birthday and we’re in full-on planning mode. I love throwing a good party and I’m so excited to make this a special day for CJ. More on this soon!

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  1. I really cannot believe he’s already 11 months old. That is nuts!! I just love watching his personality develop through photos and your blog. I just KNOW I’d love him in person too 🙂
    You’re raising quite the little character. That cheeky grin just gets me x

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