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Those of you who are avid followers of the blog may notice that this post is winging it’s way to you a little bit later than usual. I’d planned my posts for while I was away but felt sure that I would be back and on the ball enough to write a post on my travels yesterday to post today. Bahahahaha. It’s obviously been far too long since I flew anywhere that qualified for more than a two hour time difference because I have been totally caned by jet lag. I said to A on my final day in Perth that my stomach was finally starting to adjust to the five-hour time difference and that my brain would probably follow, just as I flew back. A delayed flight and lack of sleep on the plane, a three hour nap in the middle of the day yesterday and the inability to fall asleep until 2am this morning meant there was no hope in hell of publishing a Perth recap. Even now I’m still trying to get my head around the whole experience – such a fleeting visit has made the whole thing feel quite surreal.

The one thing that has been huge for me, despite the jet lag and the lack of sleep, is this amazing feeling of being refreshed. It’s hard to explain to someone who hasn’t been there but being a parent can be so mentally taxing, always having to think two steps ahead. If we hop in the car straight after his nap, how long am I going to have before he needs to be fed? He only slept for an hour, how is this going to affect when he needs to go to bed tonight? It all seems like small fry, but parenting is this continuous juggling act of how to get it right.

Papa M and I have definitely had our date nights out and it’s been great to get those moments together. But even those moments still have the “mummy brain” ticking along in the background – “when do we need to leave to get home in time for the baby-sitter to go home?”. I have absolutely no idea how much I drank the night of the wedding – not because I was absolutely comatose but because for once it didn’t actually matter if I was a little hungover and I didn’t have to be positively meticulous about counting my drinks to make sure that I was fit for parenting in the morning. It didn’t matter that meal times were at warped hours and that most days started (& ended) with no definitive plans. For the first time in a long time I only had to worry about pleasing myself and it was fabulous!

I missed my dudes (both big & little), don’t get me wrong! I love being a mum and a wife and my life wouldn’t feel whole without them. But I’ve known for a long time that I was an introvert and this short but sweet holiday really helped me recharge batteries that I didn’t even realize were flat. It’s made me more conscious that, moving forward, Papa M and I definitely need to try and work in these opportunities (both alone and together) to make sure that we are the best parents we can be. I love how happy our home is right now and we need to hold onto this vibe.

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