CJ’s Birthday Wishlist

Yup, just a few short weeks before CJ turns one – I have no earthly idea how this happened! In some ways he seems so grown up and in other ways he’s still my little baby boy… nope, not ready to think of having another one! He’s very lucky to be getting his own teepee (similar to this one) and another Dinosaur Train toy… to think that I used to say “No plastic toys in my house!”… Never say never, right? I’m also looking into getting him a couple of my favorite childhood books but I’m a bit wary of buying him too much, knowing how generous family and friends tend to be!

Never the less, I know there are a few things that he would absolutely LOVE:

Teepee Cushions

Teepee Cushions (1)

He’ll have the house, now he’ll need the decor! We really want to make the teepee his cosy, wind down place and a couple of these would really help. These cushions are a nice large size, ideal for snuggling into and I can see them getting a thorough thrashing as he gets older and has more friends around to play.

Let’s Find Adventure (Paw Patrol)*


Puppies that drive trucks that have sirens? That’s like the motherlode of awesome to CJ. I love that this book is both a board book and a lift-the-flap book; great for working on those fine motor skills while still being relatively indestructible.

Ride on Bumble Bee

Ride on Bee - Clear

There are so many ride on toys out there, but I love the cheerful face and the steel construction of this little fellow! I also love that the wheels are designed to be used both indoor and outdoor, making it more multipurpose than some other ride-on toys.

Melissa & Doug Taco & Burrito Set*


We eat a LOT of Tex-Mex/Cajun food in this house (I firmly believe that if reincarnation were true, Papa M would have the soul of someone who used to live in the American South) so this set would be right at home with the rest of the play kitchen we are making for our little gourmand.

Vehicle Sound Blocks*


A two piece puzzle that makes noise when you match the two pieces up correctly! I can see CJ being absolutely thrilled with the sirens and the train noises, plus I think it’s a splendid precursor to more complex puzzle building.

Mocka Stacka Box

Stacka - Multi Colours

Of course, with all these cool toys he’s going to need somewhere to keep them, especially seeing that our living arrangements are soon to change! A collection of these in white and natural colors would be absolutely perfect. I love that you can keep adding more as required; it’s nowhere near as limiting as a book case and is far more easily carted around (maybe even into the teepee).

Auckland Zoo Couple’s Membership

It sounds a little funny to buy CJ a couple’s membership, and indeed it would have to be in our names but it would mean a heck of a lot of fun and adventure for him too. This works out to be the best membership deal if you have children under the age of four. A couple’s membership would mean either or both of us can take CJ to the zoo as many times as we wanted within a year for free (the membership pays for itself in under four visits) plus make use of the great discounts at the zoo and other Auckland tourist attractions.

I think what we wish for most, however, is a delightful day with our friends and family celebrating the awesome wee boy in our lives. I know that he makes our days shine brighter and my bad moods evaporate with his cheeky little grin! Invites are on their way to our dearest friends and I’m going to start praying for a sunny day!

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