CJ @ 1 year!

We all survived! CJ turned one at the end of last week and we celebrated with an absolutely massive party at what is soon to be our new house. He was a huge fan of his first ever cupcake and the bouncy castle – will have a much bigger post on that later this week.


CJ – 20/2/14 and 20/2/15 – be still my heart!

This month CJ:

  • Became a much better crawler – he’d been haphazardly on his knees and then bam when I came back from Perth he was properly crawling. He’ll occasionally revert to his army crawl but he’s pretty happy with himself right now
  • Started cruising – it hasn’t been without his share of bumps and bruises but he’s so nimble with pulling himself up and along. This also means that nothing is safe! We’ve been putting off relocating things because of the upcoming move but we’re seriously going to have to rethink where we put things “out of reach”
  • Has started saying two word sentences – the best have to be when he yelled “hello daddy” at some stranger’s phone – we often call Papa M on speaker phone – and then he said “Daddy naughty” when things weren’t going his way. Not backwards  in coming forward, this boy
  • Loves daycare – he’s always so chuffed to see the backpack coming off the counter on daycare days and is climbing out of his carseat as soon as we arrive. He gets to do so many fun activities that just aren’t possible for us to do here
  • Is cutting his eye teeth which seems to be a particularly painful business. Thank goodness it’s just sporadically on and off, meaning that he’s been able to enjoy things like his birthday party without any tears
  • Had his first meal off the kid’s menu! We caught up with Papa M for lunch on CJ’s birthday (cause how better to spend your birthday than seeing your daddy when he’s usually at work?) and dined at this fantastic hidden gem by the airport – Szimpla Gastro Bar. CJ got his first meal off the kids menu – a pita pizza and chips! He loved it and the staff there were super nice – more on that soon over on my Zomato page
  • Loves his books – this makes his teacher mummy so happy. Quite often he’ll just disappear into his room and pull his books off his little low shelf for a read. We’ve had to remove some of his more fragile books due to his lack of gentleness but he still has plenty he loves to look through
  • Is all about the wheels, baby! Got a Smartrike from his grandparents for his birthday and we’ve used that in lieu of a stroller to run some errands downtown. I’m pretty taken aback at how quickly he’s taken to his new ride!

I have to say that I am really loving this time. Despite the tantrums, the dirty nappies and the occasional nights of interrupted sleep, one is SO much fun. I can’t wait to see how this cheeky little monkey grows in the year to come. I haven’t decided yet whether I am going to continue with monthly updates or perhaps move into a slightly different formal, but never fear – you haven’t heard the last of CJ by a long shot.

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  1. He has certainly grown into a gorgeous little man! How proud you must/should be! 🙂
    This post gave me really mushy memories of the Little Mister’s first birthday – thanks! xox

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