I didn’t expect a week-long hiatus from blogging with the move (especially seeing we were moving into a place that already had connected internet) but in those infamous words from Frozen – start hating on me now, mamas – I had to let it go. Battling through a stomach bug the weekend of our move and then loads of work this week meant that nights were for unpacking and sleeping. It’s taken until this weekend to get most of the boxes unpacked and really make this place feel like a home for us. Living with a toddler, I thought that “mess” wouldn’t bug me – turns out that I really do need an ordered space to be able to collect my thoughts and write anything that seems vaguely coherent.

It hasn’t been all snore-worthy around here though:

We organized and attended our first kid-friendly bloggers’ brunch club! I have a post about this on the way (once I collate my photos) but you can also read the wonderful recap that Maria did over at Happy Mum Happy Child.

I started working – one school is in particular need of substitute teachers at the moment so I went from no work to LOTS of work all at once. My bank balance is thanking me and my feet are going “what have you done??”

CJ and I met up with my friend Leah from Naturally, Leah. She’s back in New Zealand and getting married next weekend but we were lucky enough to score some time with her before she flew down to Wellington. It was a chaotic visit with our plans to meet at the mall scuttled by a burst water main and a scramble to find a place to meet up in an area that neither of us were familiar with. It was so good to see her though; she got to meet CJ for the first time, we found an awesome wee park and had an adventure in a place that we would probably never had before.

On the same trip we also saw our friends the Bhosales – we’re usually never in the neighborhood unplanned (we live at literal opposite ends of the city) so we popped by. CJ was very lucky, he got to go with Vijay to pick up his buddy from day care and even had a bath there before coming home. A delightful afternoon/evening – especially seeing the alternative was being stuck for hours in outrageous traffic!

Yesterday CJ and I headed into the Auckland CBD with Sophie of Nana Wintour while Papa M stayed at home to finish unpacking without the pleasure of having a toddler into every box you open. First off we hit Aotea Square (which is going off with the Auckland Arts Festival) to catch up with some of our Brunch Club buddies but had to move on fairly smartly after CJ realized he could climb the stairs to the bar! We stopped in at Giapo and met up with our friends Wendy and Miss R before heading down to Manuka Doctor to start our Big Egg Hunt. I was lucky enough to pick up some manuka honey-based face cleaning wipes while we were there – I’m hideously lazy/don’t prioritize the time when it comes to skin care so I love the short cuts.

The Big Egg Hunt is an awesome easter activity sponsored by Whittakers Chocolate. Hundreds of artists create masterpieces on massive egg sculptures and these are then hidden round three major New Zealand cities – Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. I desperately wanted to go hunting for the eggs last year but CJ was less than a month old so it didn’t happen. This year we managed to locate seventeen eggs in the city before my little egg hunting buddy decided that he’d had enough. Talk about a great fitness incentive though – I was pouring with sweat and my calves and thighs were killing me but I still decided to push our stroller all the way up the hill to get to the Auckland Art Gallery to get one more! You can see some of the eggs we collected here. I’m hoping that we can make this a yearly tradition for our family!

The week ahead isn’t looking any quieter either – I’m off to The Eagles concert tonight with my dad and then up early tomorrow for an opthamologist appointment for CJ (hopefully nothing serious)! Full week of work booked and then this weekend we’ll be belatedly celebrating my 30th birthday with an overnight visit in the city. For now though, I’m going to kick back and relax in my back yard (and how overjoyed am I that I can finally do that) before Cyclone Pam arrives tonight.

Check back on Thursday as we return to our regularly scheduled programming with a long over-due recap of the first child-friendly brunch club!

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  1. Happy housewarming!!!
    I love the egg hunt idea. I reckon it would go down so well in Perth. Someone needs to get onto that! The Little Mister would have an absolute ball!

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