Child-friendly brunch at Charlie and George – #brunchclubnz


When you’re a parent, it isn’t as easy to just pop out to events as it was before children came along. Quite often you’ll have people chime in “Bring them! It will be fine! We don’t mind!” but you live in terror of your darling little angel doing something dreadfully antisocial but yet completely normal. I’m lucky enough to have my husband available to look after CJ most of the time but in discussion with the other founders of Brunch Club we realized that it wasn’t that easy for all our Brunch Club parents to attend.

Thus the idea of the child-friendly brunch club was born. Initially we thought it might solely be targeted at parents but then opened it up to people who are chill enough to accept that it is an event at which our littlest attendants are king – and we’ve found that that does tend to be those who are parents or who are intending on becoming parents in the future. It was a mixed bag as to whether people brought their little (and slightly less little) ones or not but in the end we had a heck of a lot of fun!


We were lucky enough to hold it at the Charlie & George cafe in Stonefields – while they don’t usually have reservations on the weekend, they were sweet enough to hold us a table (or four) to ensure speedy service for the little ones. The decor here is SO cool, and they have an open kitchen which I absolutely love; there’s something so special about seeing your food being prepared. There’s an abundance of high chairs – great if you are visiting during peak times and also if, like our group, there is more than one tot that needs a seat. There’s activities outside for older kids but bare in mind that there is no fencing if you have a “bolter”.



The food was fantastic. The buttermilk pancakes were HUGE – I doubt i finished even two! Papa M’s salmon bagel would have created serious envy in me if I hadn’t had the delight of a delish Green Goddess smoothie – although I have to admit I was also giving the glad-eye to Courtney’s banoffee smoothie too! The coffee is Kokako so you know that it is going to be good! There was an abundance of items to choose from in the cabinet as well – the little dude made a heck of a mess of a ginormous cheese scone!


It was so good to meet some bloggers for the first time and some of their offspring for the first time too! I’m pretty sure that CJ was the cheekiest kid there — the others all acted rather angelic, always the way when you plan for the worst! It also felt great to not feel like you were boring people with your child-related anecdotes, something that I am continually worried about. I’m very nervous of becoming “that person” that has nothing better to talk about than my kid… although in my defense I can’t help that he’s so awesome 🙂

We also had some amazing goodie bag sponsors. Good Buzz Brewing Company is a NZ-made family-run kombucha company and I tell you what, Papa M has turned into the biggest booch addict since tucking into the bottles in his goodie bag. There are definitely worse things in the world to be addicted to! Whoopie & Co supplied everybody with whoopie pies and vouchers to use in either of their stores or online – I ate my whoopie pie so quickly I didn’t even have time to take a photo. Bad blogger! My Care Pack were also incredibly generous, including miniature versions of their care packs (similar to beauty boxes but full of all sorts of wonderful green, healthy goodies for individuals and families) and I now have a new favorite toothpaste! Finally P.Arty Lab supplied us with some gorgeous paper butterflies that are just begging for a beautiful art project! I felt like Santa getting to give these lovely bags to such stellar brunch companions.

Check out the blogs/social media of other attendees here:

Jordanne & Corrine also received a goodie bag although unable to attend as they were two of our motivations to start these brunches. Jordanne was unable to make it due to having a newborn (eeee!) and Corrine was moving house that weekend into a place that she bought for her an her darling Charlie (go solo mama!). We’re so looking forward to having them attend future brunches!

While the brunches do take a lot of effort to organize (I have nothing but high fives for the founding three who manage to crank one out per month) I think that they have huge value in allowing parents who blog to connect in an environment that feels warm and comforting for both them and their children… I will admit though, that I’m glad I’ve got a couple more months up my sleeve to plan the next one!

If you’re a blogger that would like to attend either one of our monthly Auckland, Palmerston North or Wellington brunches or our quarterly child-friendly brunches, check out the Brunch Club website here. You won’t be sorry that you did!

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