The light at the end of the tunnel…

As part of my 30th birthday celebrations, I had a high tea with some of my closest girlfriends. One of the girls is 38 weeks pregnant and is right in that over-it, so uncomfortable stage. I remember it vividly, the days of lying on the couch feeling sorry for myself and being pretty sure that I was going to be pregnant forever. At the same time, pictures of my son at a month old are popping up on my Timehop app. While they are adorable, they also remind me of a time where my big world felt incredibly small and claustrophobic; new mother anxiety meaning that we barely went anywhere or did anything.

Happy little vegemite - picture sent to me by his auntie!

Happy little vegemite – picture sent to me by his auntie!

This past weekend was the first time that both of us as parents have been away from our son for a fun purpose (he’s had one night at his grandparents when we moved house) and some decent time for us to sit and connect with each other as a couple. As well as enjoying good food (something that has always been a part of our relationship) and watching trashy TV, the conversation turned to future plans. And future plans will (hopefully) include another child for us – don’t get too excited, not yet!

I’m not going to lie, the thought of that first three months with a new baby – the fourth trimester – scares the crap out of me. Especially with an active kid already on the scene. My introverted nature is going to struggle again, I’m sure. But the thing I have realized, that me a year ago would never have credited, is how quickly the light would appear at the end of the tunnel. It was worth going through all that to end up with the precious ball of light that is CJ and it will be worth going through all of that to have the little one that will make our family feel complete.

Just remind me of that when I am in that tunnel again!

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  1. Ah yes. The fourth trimester. Gosh I was so anxious and nervous and frazzled and overwhelmed…yet totally in love. Now I look at my 3 year old and it seems like a lifetime ago. I know that when we do go through that again, it’s going to be so different and yet so much the same. I hope that the anxiety won’t be so bad, having done it once before.

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